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Approaches to bad practice
What exactly is the standard coures of action for reporting misconduct on commercial sites? The work cannot be stopped as has already been destroyed but there is a general discontent amongst those who worked there that this is not an isolated incedent and that it will happen again. Obviously i dont want to talk specifics as it will be really clear which unit is being questioned but where can complaints be made if the coumpany is a trust and houses the county archaeologist (surely a conflict of interest!) The site is a Scedueled monument but on site visits the inspectors were kept seperate from the diggers and basicaly fed a crock of ****.

A group of us (upwards of 50% of the diggers) are planning on writing to the trustees but this is awckward as the unit is the only one concentrating in this area and for many diggers this was thier first commercial excavation and they are scared of not getting further work. I left the company because of this and am prepared to take it as far as i can!

Can we get some advice please! We tried the museum and university and although they agree is appallimg they cannot offer us any hellp! SadSadSadSadSad
1) You collect solid evidence
2) You tell the Inspectors.
3) You tell the IFA
4) You tell me. Give me a call on the hotline number
tonight you can get me on 01620 861643 after 6pm.

Take photos, perhaps even copy letters, even site records... ensure that there is no doubt about the problem.... often it can look bad, but is in fact because of circumstances that have not been made either clear or public. (though of course in this case I could not say one way or tuther!)

Another day another WSI?
Thanks will ring your hotline asap but have to put my head my head together with the rest of the diggers first to see what evidence we may have between us
Do it! They could do with a shake up to rattle them out of their comfortable little worlds!!
May'be they'll stop employing new graduates in management positions too!!
Aye, May'be not!!!!

Talk to your local media.So far, archaeologists are given the option of reporting to the IFA (within their rules of engagement) or contact the BAJR hotline. I`m not convinced (and neither are a good percentage of the workforce)that either of these options are enough or indeed, are above criticism. First step-confront the county/city mounty-this species is the only one responsible to local taxpayers and voters.If found to be arrogant/un-moved by your outpourings-phone the press.As an industry, we have been manipulated into a scenario where questions pertaining to professionalism and competence are kept quiet so as to protect the interests of the main players. "get evidence and call the IFA" (An organisation with no legal standing or role) or, call the BAJR hotline (may do something within 6 months of your call-may do nothing and forget it).Call the press.Theres nothing quite like exposing filth to watch it magically ebb away under the heat of exposure.

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Troll, is this what you do on the numerous occassions when you apparently observe malpractice? Could you enlighten us on the outcomes of your actions?

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
the situation that Troll refers to is personal and rather uncalled for... there are plenty of people who have used the BAJR hotline, and had results... sometimes even big results... I just don't talk about them in public... if the situation is sorted... why crow about it?

I (or anyone else) cannot just kick a contractor based on a verbal... evidence is ALWAYS required... or a collection of people prepared to put pen to paper. He said this and they said that does not help... and in one case, made me look like a complete a##hole when I accused a company of X and found out to my horror that is was a disgruntled xxxx that had made it all up... but I had believed the story.. after that I always always check the facts.. and to do that I need hard dates, names, places,... etc etc.

I have already apologised for not getting back to you personally... hands up - my fault. but come on Troll... take a chill pill. you are getting angry in all the wrong places.

Another day another WSI?
I would second BAJR Host's comments - and point out that they apply just as much to the IFA.


to let, fully furnished
Yes, but I suspect it would work!!


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