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Ancient Greece
Hi everyone hope you are all okay. Can anyone reccomend any websites with links to getting some archaeological experience working/ volenteering etc in Greece?

This is something that I found surfing the world wide web - it may be of use - try it

Natalie D Kershaw
Archpeople Recruitment
M: 07999 976 180
T: 01443 492 400
F: 01443 492 472
The only one that springs to mind is the American School for Classical Studies in Athens. Just do a web search for them. I have no idea whether you have to be an American student to participate. Another possibility is to email some Brit Uni's with classics departments-they might be able to point you in the right direction.

All the best.
Have you tried archaeology abroad? Theres occasionally some positions with grants or volunteering (without paying!!) Otherwise have you tried checking out which unis are working in greece at the mo and emailing a cv asking to supervise students - its a bit cheeky but i have friends it has worked for especially if you have a few years experience Smile

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