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double en tendre for archies
Cemetery excavation....."come on, we've got to get these stiffs up and in their boxes by 4 o'clock"

A rather decent archaeologist who was our supervisor at Llandaff said "I've got another stiffy"!!
We almost died laughing, but that, we found, was fairly par for the course!

When asked by an elderly rather spinsterish field school pupil on the best way to excavate stake holes I once instructed:

" Just insert it (the leaf trowel) firmly, give it a wiggle and then yank it out firmly" I think it went over her head but those who overheard it couldn't stop giggling all afternoon
I'm alweays ready to offer my advice on technique for trowelling clean an area -

Long, slow, steady, even strokes is what you want for the perfect result.

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