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Has anyone actually worked for archpeople?
Call me old fashioned, but isn't the easiest way to "clear things up" (i.e. have any queries answered) to simply telephone, fax or email Archpeople?

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
Thank you invisible man!! Yes, I have said for a while now, if you have any specific queries about anything contact us on the numbers below this message.

Yes, thank you archae_logical you have put it in a nutshell - we do offer holiday pay too.

Natalie D Kershaw
Archpeople Recruitment
M: 07999 976 180
T: 01443 492 400
F: 01443 492 472
Thanks Natalie,

I think people are just very confused about the whole concept. If you are prepared to talk to people on the phone and answer specific queries that is an offer that should see an end to the questions - I feel I may even call you myself if thats ok.

I expect that when your website is working next week that your terms and conditions will be easily accessible and thanks to the ever questing BAJR forum members you will have a FAQ that deals with the more general questions - so everyone should be happy.

Will you be at the IFA conference?

Another day another WSI?
Call away - its better that everyone knows the purpose of Archpeople and what we can offer.

I can't make it to the IFA conference this year - supposed to be doing some field work for uni!!

Natalie D Kershaw
Archpeople Recruitment
M: 07999 976 180
T: 01443 492 400
F: 01443 492 472
Well, good luck with the venture, I may well be in touch sooner rather than later!!

I get what they do I just wondered if anyone had any first hand experience of working for them as this is generally the most reliable information source!!
speak up a bit trowelfodder!

Big Grin

it will be too early for anyone to have any work from them .... as they have not started yet.

Another day another WSI?
In my personal experience, every agency (holiday work etc.)I have ever worked for I got less wages than the staff who were already at the company. I understand that Archpeople will not 'take' a cut of our wages and will charge their clients a percentage. However, I suspect many companies will offer a low rate (for example G2 instead of G3). My main point was why have an agency when BAJR works so well and seems to be able to control better wages. For example, our company recently put an ad on BAJR: I have had at least 40CV's in a week to date, and we also had to put the wages of all our staff up to come into line with the new G3 for this year. I dont want to knock archpeople, but I worry that it will become a feeding ground for the lazy unit who cant be bothered to read through CV's.

I suppose I should address this to Archpeople themselves but Im afraid Im not going to bother, instead I will wallow in my own cyberindignation thankyou very much.

Agencies (eg Archpeople) fulfil a completely different role to BAJR. BAJR is a noticeboard for employers to advertise vacancies for staff that THEY wish to employ, like the sits vac columns in a newspaper. BAJR has no contractual relationship with employees or potential employees. BAJR also runs the converse, a noticeboard for CV's for people seeking work, like the sits wanted column in a newspaper.

An agency has contractual relationships with its clients and its employees. It employs the staff, unlike BAJR. It enables employers to obtain staff for fixed and renewable periods (sometimes very lengthy) very easily, at short notice if need be, and to bring that to a close. What is so very objectionable about wishing to avoid reading dozens of CV's for a limited number of staff for a short fixed term contract?

The rates will be fixed by the agency. If employees don't like them they don't sign up, same goes for employers. Care should be taken when comparing agency work in different fields, they operate slightly differently. Admin/secretarial is different from manual, and both are different from professional/technical. In the latter agency staff are invariably better paid per hour than permanent staff but of course don't have the security and so on. Until recently they didn't get sick or holiday pay, but there are tax advantages. There are other pros and cons - different things suit different people.

I really don't understand all this navel gazing and soul searching. Agency work is commonplace in other professions and has been so for years, archaeology is not inventing a wheel here.

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
All points taken and agreed Invisible. But I wasnt saying Bajr and archpeople were the same. I also hate it when people try and shoot things down before they get off the ground and reading my post back apologise that it came accross like that. However, I also know what some units are like and will await with interest what happens...

Also, on a slightly different tack, isnt the whole point of the more 'serious' BAJR posts that they are 'navel gazing'? Some people have commented with despair on the circularity of discussions on this forum : i agree, but on a web forum there's really not much else you can do other than revert to the more flippant jokey posts (which I also partake in and enjoy). I do, however, think that the more issues get discussed here, the more peoples education (including my own) will improve and this will lead to informed action (and I think it already is). As for 'soul-searching' I posted whilst having a coffee break and am now posting during my lunch break, soul-searching never really came into it.


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