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Temping Agencies, CV online and Casual Labour
I reply to the following messages:

Dr Pete - I understand that this is a new concept for archaeology and that you need to establish what Archpeople does and so on - however, you have made some unwarranted speculations.

Firstly, yes I am ready to go and am looking for people to fill posts that I already have waiting.

Secondly, if you wish to discuss the finer details of my business then my contact details are below this message.

Thirdly, in my opinion, you have not worked for a recruitment agency before now and need to look one up - might I suggest an administrative one as they are more numerous - and see how they operate. Archpeople is merely following the same guidelines that they do only we deal in archaeology which has not happened before. This comes into line with our own mission statement of "bringing standardised recruitment policies to the forefront of archaeology in line with other industries."

You all seem to believe that we need better pay and so on - that is what I am providing in the only way that I could see how - standardise pay and offer various services to the operatives and clients that from experience, like the texting jobs while on site, would make life a tad easier.

If you have any speicifc questions that I have not covered to your satisfaction, then please contact me directly and I have no problem answering you.

Natalie D Kershaw
Archpeople Recruitment
M: 07999 976 180
T: 01443 492 400
F: 01443 492 472
Dr Pete - this is just for you: :face-stir:

Firstly, this is the first time that I have been on any BAJR forum either to read or write so was not aware of your contribution to the subject.

Secondly, Archpeople has been a registered company since October 2005 for funding purposes.

I'm sorry if you thought I got the idea from you - I managed to work it out all by myself from my ownexperience in the field from the difficulties that I faced on my own.

I just thought that I could do something about it thats all.

Any further criticisms, speculations or specific questions, please contact me on my business details or I have no problem having a meeting with you to discuss this further.

If david was to allow me to speak at the conference then everyone's mind could be set at rest!Big Grin

Natalie D Kershaw
Archpeople Recruitment
M: 07999 976 180
T: 01443 492 400
F: 01443 492 472
Sorry Natalie if you think I was speculating. I was trying to the stop speculation until you were able to answer things yourself. To answer the points you raise:

1. Your original posting did say
"In the next few weeks, an archaeological recruitment agency is going to be launched." Thus I cannot be accussed of speculating if I suggest that you are not yet trading.

2. On 29/3/2006 I emailed you off list saying I was recruiting people and asking if could provide me with some info. I dont mind if this is on or off list.

3. Thirdly you said, "in my opinion", you have not worked for a recruitment agency before now and need to look one up". I am unsure what you mean by this.

I have worked via a recruitment agency and my wife has done so on many occassions. I have looked at the web pages of numerous IT and admin agencies. Indeed I would suggest what archpeople are doing in the other environmental sciences and science in general are perhaps better analogies for example:

I have to say that when potential suppliers start arguing with me I tend to look elsewhere ....

Peter Wardle
Thank you for clearing it up for me!Smile

Natalie D Kershaw
Archpeople Recruitment
M: 07999 976 180
T: 01443 492 400
F: 01443 492 472
I've worked for agencies in the past, in industry. It does suit some people, but not everyone. I quite liked it, but the one thing that Pi***d me off was the poor attitude of the regular workers that were employed whereever I was placed. Talk about getting all the Sh***y jobs!!


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