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Archpeople Recruitment
I can confirm that I have asked Archpeople if they can provide me with a "temp".

Peter Wardle

(David if you construe this to be an ad I will pay you the going rate plus a donation to the digger.)
No Peter, thats fine... though a donation to the digger is desperately needed Wink

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

BAJR (as an entity) wishes her well.

I have had however calls and emails from people and companies across the country, asking why I am not acting on ArchPeople. Well as far as I am concerned... nobody can get hurt if you sign up(unless of course the first monthly paycheque is due and....) . Yes, Natalie may only have a few months actual experience in the field, but hey...
and if the website has problems in being ready for her launch then thats unfortunate.... as it makes it very difficult for people to actually see what she is providing.

It is not for me to damn someone who has cahonies of brass ... though DeepDigger does ask many questions which if answered honestly and publicly, would help to soothe the worried brain.

Some people are considering signing up... but remember that permenant work is not offered... know what is offered and then you can't be dissappointed.

Over to Archpeople

Another day another WSI?
Nuff said I think boss!
I might suggest that by her silence Natalie has more than said enough!!

A real shame...

I note the website still does not work, after it being promised to be operational 2 weeks back.

perhaps its a lesson in thinking big, talking big, but then not actually doing....

I wish her well at her studies.

Another day another WSI?
How is it that an organisation can set itself up as an institute and little or no criticism is levelled at it but when an individual attempts something that might actually work-we demand to know how much field experience the individual has? Wakey wakey peeps-there are plenty of targets out there that deserve your derision, why reserve it for someone trying to make a difference?

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Some people have been skeptical about Archpeople for dodging questions and providing details of exactly who and what they are. (perfectly valid - after all, if you went to work for a company, you would want to know exactly the same details)

Some people support it, some people are confused, but they came on here to show there wares, and nobody is any the wiser - unless you have some direct and insightful knowledge about this Troll?

The IFA, (for tis them I feel you are alluding) have plenty of criticism levelled against them - and plenty of debate about how they should run the business - so that is a bit unfair.

As you say -
Quote:quote:Wakey wakey peeps-there are plenty of targets out there that deserve your derision, why reserve it for someone trying to make a difference?

If you can explain how exactly Archpeople are making a difference - go ahead....}Smile - I fear you may find it is not as easy as you percieve. Then look at what many other people are actually doing to make life better.... spot da difference.


Another day another WSI?
The difference is not easily spottable.One organisation claims to be doing something useful but actually, has`nt made one bit of a difference where it really matters for years and this organisation who is offering to try.Tell ya wot, I could`nt care less how many years of field experience this individual has under their belt-when I get access to my c.v again-I will send it to her and try her wares if you get my jist.......

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
I'd like to start by saying I don't actually hold an active opinion on whether Archpeople is a good or bad thing for the profession, and that is probably behind this posting!

I feel that some of the questioning levelled at Archpeople has been zealous and critical before allowing any reply, which [u]might be</u> why we haven't seen one. On the other hand, maybe there is also a point behind it. I think the questions on employment practise are important, and have to be asked, although I am not over-enthusiastic about taking the lack of response as a reliable meter to those questions.

At the end of the day this is a business enterprise we're talking about. There has been some suggestion that archaeological experience plays a factor, and no doubt it would do if Ms Kershaw had/has some. However, as a business it has potential to be extremely successful without this insight, merely by exploiting a niche in the market.....or it could go t***-up on start-up. "Only time my friends, only time..."

I just wanted to say something on the basis that I felt that there has been a lot of implied criticism of archpeople that I haven't yet seen to be warrented. I think it deserves as much a chance as anyone else. Answers would be nice of course, and it would probably be advantageous to archpeople in their future if they'd provide some, but that is at their discretion. The proof is in the eating (I didn't realise how much I was reliant on cliche.....damn)! Good luck.


Gizza job!!!!! ....please!!!!!
Subscribers have waited for answers for eons from a couple of organisations that spring to mind and after waiting for months-received nothing short of a rebuttal.BAJR et al have no real right to expect swift and coherent responses when BAJR subscribers asking simple questions receive none.As I`ve offered, will try the wares offered and let you know how I get on...anyone else tried this approach?Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Exactly David,

Troll and others can hand their CVs to who ever they wish, and Natalie is quite within her rights to start up a company. People can also ask questions - and perhaps expect answers, but that up to her. Her experience is certainly not an issue, but perhaps she might be better advised to play down the 'I know what its like' attitude and just concentrate on getting the company working. - Which I take it should be now.

Troll mate, you do seem to enjoy defending that which nobody knows much about and attacking that which people know too much..}SmileWink

You say that a company is offering to try to change conditions... could you perhaps enlighten us how? Wink I think this is the crux of the skepticism... Anyone can say it will make changes, but I for the life of me can't actually see how... perhaps I am just plain daft... perhaps I am missing a vital clue.... but I do not understand.

As to the IFA... well yes, and I have been as harsh a critic over the years as well... BUT.... things are changing, thicgs are happening... because we are talking (not shouting at each other). Yes this should have happened years ago... but that frankly is not the point anymore... What matters is the now and the future... and that is definitely brighter.

Another day another WSI?

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