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Archpeople Recruitment
[quote]What is everyones opinion on texting jobs to them while they are on site so that they can go to their next job straight away?
Very interested to hear how this one would go - we are working on adding functionality to our new website so that people can easily and simply order items from their phone in the field, and have them dispatched directly to the dig. In such a profession as archaeology, it is important to be able to get information on the move.

Ian - trowels for archaeological excavators
I wonder if you could enough detailed information on the "next job" in a text? Might the next employer not wish to interview the employee? I suppose it depends on the parallel - when you require secretarial temps, you don't interview, the agency suggests someone. If you require contract (temporary) professional staff, the agency sends you their CV's and you interview them in much the same way as you would for permanent staff. Been there, done that - interviewed and been interviewed.

I woudl be very surprised if temping staff were paid even if not working. This has, as far as I am aware, no parallels in other professions. You get paid when you work.

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
Thank you for the response.

The purpose of texting people while still on site would of course be down to our choice of people - but in my experience of working in a recruitment agency - I have worked in administrative & secretarial roles - I was never interviewed. All of the recruitment agencies that I have spoken to do things this way nor do they pay people if they don't work. The benefit of an agency, again from my own experience, is that as the agency begin to know you, they are able to give you more jobs that they know you can do. Also, they have legal rights to their employees through REC and in my case IFA that spme other employers might not follow and do not illustrate to theyr employees.

Archpeople is a recruitment agency - temping - whatever term you prefer - just like any other recruitment agency.

Natalie D Kershaw
Archpeople Recruitment
M: 07999 976 180
T: 01443 492 400
F: 01443 492 472
at the office where i work we are still slightly confused as to exactly what your saying

When you say you have a number of years digging experience could you elaborate? What positions have you been employed in in the commercial sector - (obviously not talking specifics but rather PO, PM etc)as this would have a bearing on your understanding of the industry?

Are you a recruitment consultant agency or an agency employing archaeologists which you send out as required?

How can you guarantee these high wages, is there enough money in the industry to afford these prices outside of the larger units (many of which have their own HR departments to deal with these matters)?

What experience asside from sectretarial do you have of managing a project such as this - is it a one person opperation or a company with a number of employees to deal with specific areas?

And finally not to put a dampner on things what do you offer which bajr doesnt do at present? Am not meaning to be difficult but am a little sceptical as to how these great promises will be substantiated!
Lots to think about,
but I am still interested about some of the statements about permanent employment - Can you give us even rough guide to the numbers of companies that will ensure permanent employment? Can you explain if you only pay when people are working or even if they are not? Do you have access to the detailed understanding about developer-funded work, contract based archaeology, consultant operations and Costed tendering processes that would be required to offer this service? I realise you are at university just now, but I take it from your comments on understanding the needs of archaeologists you have worked in this field for many years.

I wholeheartedly support any venture that aids the rise in standards and pay in archaeology, but I can only support that which I fully understand? forgive my stupidity, but I still don?t grasp how it works in reality.

If you could talk us through a scenario? say you have 15 diggers, 2 osteologists an illustrator and 2 surveyors on your books to start with?.. that might help my simple mind get the hang of it.

Another day another WSI?
Oh and forgot to mention earlier is your service free to join up or do you take commision off the wages?
In my previous experience as working as a temp and then employing them on a couple of occasions, in an earlier phase of life, is that the temping agency will charge twice the gross wages of the temp as a fee. So for the ?280 or ?290 a week wage the unit is likely to be paying ?112 to ?116 a day.

The big money in temping agencies is made when an organisation decides to employ a temp. This usually comes with a fee from the agency of 6 months fees for the agency. As explained above this is half a years pay for the position. So working for an agency may actually restrict your ability to take up a longer term position in an organisation you have been placed with - depending on their willingness to pay such a fee. As a temp you may not be aware of this as it will be written into any agreement between the agency and their client.

Obviously this is written without any knowledge of how arch people will be run this is simply based on my previous experience of temping agencies. As you can see it is an effective business model.
I thnink we have been questioning enough...

It is after all her business, and up to Natalie how she runs it.
After all she has to follow strict guidlines, and has assured us that she has years of experience in archaeology as well as recruitment. (I remember my years waiting for a recruitment company to find me a job !! - not in 6 years [:0] ah well)

As I see it, it is a simple case of you are on the books, you are 'employed' by Archpeople when you work (after being sent for interview) for a contractor. They pay your wage, and charge the contractor directly. If you are not 'working' for Archpeople you won't get paid, but you are allowed to work with whover you want, so - if you are working for MegaCorp Arch ltd, and you are told you have been either placed (or offered an interview) then you can say no....

More can be found at these sites

(please do correct me if I am wrong... but if I am misunderstanding then I won't be alone.)

Another day another WSI?
Texting your next job could be as simple as a text saying "phone the office please" That'd work!!

Copy of my email to archpeople tonight, waiting for some answers!

Ok, Hi Natalie,
I think its time that we were all given some straight answers to some simple questions.
After seeing your company on the BAJR website, I decided to ask some friends advice before I decided if I should apply to you for work or not. I have recieved some answers but I might suggest that I give you the chance to speak for yourself.

1. Can you provide David at BAJR with the names of some of the companies that you have agreed to do work for?

2. Can you give us some references from the people you have worked for? After all if you have worked too hard etc, then you must have been around the block, so to speak, something I find a little bemusing at the age of 23!

3. Exactly how much experience have you had in the field?

4. Do you really already have people signed up to work for you?

5. Exactly how do you intend funding an operation of this order? In business, generally people will want to take at least 90 days credit, so you won't get paid until this period is over at the earliest, do you have funds enough to pay workers or will they have to wait until you get paid for the work?

6. Moto-rend? I hope this is not the type of work you expect serious archaeologists to be doing!!

I think its time to answer these questions, no more side stepping or swerving, but some measure of honesty please.

Ian Daintith (deepdigger)


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