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Vulpes is Away
Ouch Geodan.... B)

However, if what you say is true, and it may well be, after all I was one of those diggers in a site hut 20 years ago (though it seems to be the same now).

I am however far from left wing... far from right wing. somewhere in the tolerating liberal middle me. Some on BAJR are left ish, others are more conservative. The fact stands that you are also on this forum and are able to expouse your views along with everyone else. Thats what the forum is here for, for views to be expressed, debated, mulled over, agred with, disagreed with and so on.

Jsut as the BAJR conference is open to all point of view and all types of archaeologist without bias... you will find staunch IFA supporters, staunch critics, the CBA, the curators, the PAS, the digger, the director... a good cross section of people, debating each day about issues in archaeology. Each section deals with aspects... from Training to solutions, to comedy and grumbles. As I always bang on about.... the one thing I want to see is positive results at the end of the day.

Your view is as valid as trolls in my opinion as is anyones within the AUP.

now.... off to Ankhor [:0]

Another day another WSI?
Prospect have continually showed themselves to be ineffective. It has been discussed on this site before and I've certainly put in my tuppence worth. They don't take archaeology seriously, unlike their attitude to the museum sector who seem to enjoy full support. I believe that there are so many cases in archaeology worthy of their backing that it would simply take up most of there time and, through personal discussion with Prospect, they have made this clear.

What decade are you currently residing in? Of course Prospect haven't done anything. They don't have the power to affect major issues in field archaeology. Here's a controversial suggestion; why not join the IFA instead of whingeing about their inaction and effect change on a united front. It's all getting a bit 'Life of Brian', with talk of various splinter groups shouting ''splitters'' at each other.

And finally, I'd just like to say, blessed are the cheesemakers.
Yeah and while you're at it get yer own thread! PS I love the way anyone who disagrees with certain things on BAJR gets accused of being right wing. Back to the mixer....

Liberal, dowsing antiquarian (reformed.
the same way that anyone who dares to express an opinion that everything is not fine is a whinger and a ranter about anonymous both ways...

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Hear hear, Kitty! I agree.
I`m afraid I`m not interested in cloaking issues in discussions of political leanings.I don`t have any wings.Left or right ones.As Mr Hosty has pointed out, everyone`s viewpoint is of equal value regardless of it`s origin or indeed, percieved political pidgeonhole.Geodan-yes my responses were aggressive.I openly admit that my aggression is the direct result of being confronted with those who seem to feel that any view at varience to theirs provides them with an open invitation to wheel out the old "who do you think you are?" chesnut.That said, lets discuss.The political leanings of subscribers is their business.Child-like is the appropriate terminology.With respect of course.Big GrinIn all seriousness, what has this to do with Vulpes` on-line status? Howsabout starting a new thread? Perhaps something along the lines of " left or right wing? Surely one needs both to avoid going round in circles?"

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)Big Grin
Hello and back to this thread which had got right off of its point.
Hello and appologise for 'sparking' off at you. I hope you haven't disappeared off to another site nor created your own 'right-wing economic archaeology' web diablog. Yes your opinion, as is others, is valid and greatly received for discussion and future benefit to all. I wish you had taken as great care in your intial statement as you did in your justification of it.
I objected strongly to your laissez faire approach which is largely to blame for much of faults with archaeology both with us who are and have been employees, and with the discipline. The IFA is an attempt to regulate the is run-away horse industry and I support its intentions wholeheartedly.
Do you believe that any effort to improve is an effort wasted? Isn?t much of the discussion on this web site aimed at being constructive?
Finally, for the record I rarely rant on about any of the following:
Evil developers ? they keep us in work
Evil consultants ? they keep us in work and provide employment for archaeologists
Incompetent Pos ? the worse ones I?ve met are still Pos thirty years later, but so are a lot of the good ones.
I have had my fair share of management rants, admittedly.

Apologies for disappearance, pressure of work etc.

Sparky, I don't think your last post brings this topic back to the point, which was a mild jibe at troll.

I don't think you or anyone else has the right to attribute a particular political affiliation to my views or accuse me of being laissez faire. My posts have given little indication of my politics, although I happily admit that they have expressed my perception of the political views of others who contribute to BAJR.

I have disparaged those who hold quasi trotskyite/marxist views and cloak discussion of the ills of archaeology within an exploiter/opressed framework. I don't think that this is realistic or constructive and don't see anything wrong with my criticism. I would also state that I have not attempted to deny anyones freedom of expression - any attempts at censoriousness have been carried out by others.

At most, a dispassionate observer could say that my observations illustrate that I do not hold similar views. They do not make me Thatchers running dog.

I think that we need improvement in conditions in archaeology, but need to be realistic about how this will be achieved.

The nearest I've come to laissez faire is the suggestion that, as a starting point for improvement of conditions, those who work in archaeology should have some self respect and sense of personal responsibilty to the wider profession and avoid working for poor employers. We are not indentured servants or slaves and can and should walk away.

In conclusion. I'm not going anywhere

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