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Purpose built TROWELS!
Yeah, I wouldnt mind a real trowel!

Hey Dave, bad news for you potentially...WHS seem to have raised their game and responded proactively to archies complaints of handles falling off and produced a design suitable for use by archaeologists - see thread started by Hosty.

Personally my trowel handle used to fall off soon after buyng a new one but once it was stuck back in smeared with Araldite (glue of champions my friends - use it) it stayed in.

Reckon there's still a market for personalised trowels though.

Very interesting website btw Dave (I found out which Dave you were minutes after my last post by going on your website). Good luck with those archery competitionsWink
Hi everyone! Yes guys, it is me! Having spent a while with AOC in Watford, then served my time with the Tali-HAT empire and on to Essex (I seem to remember exchanging cake recipes in the pub whilst in essex with you Chris Wink)

I apologise for my slowness to respond, but Broadband hasn't made it to my part of Dartmoor yet and I only get to the internet when visiting my lovely lady at the weekend.

I'm going to send a prototype out for testing in a few weeks time, and though I haven't priced it yet (having not had the opertunity to make one) I expect the cost of a trowel will be around ?35. I can do you a leaf for ?20, and ofcourse to you spec (so if you want it stiffer or broader, more pointed, etc than normal just say so).

All of my tools have my name stamp on them so you can identify my work. Also If you want to have your name or initials inlayed into a wooden handle that can be done. I did this for Sue Johnston (sp?) when I worked for Essex, she had a brass inlay of her name into a bubinga wood handle made for her WHS.

I'm glad to see that there is genuine interest in some handmade tools, all I have to do is make some!
C'mon the Dave, let mr BAJR have an example of your no doubt fine work so we can evaluate it!

Big Grin don't worry, I will. But first I'm going to have a week off for for the first time in 3 years!

Then when I get back I shall start making the trowel to beat all trowels! I'm thinking a very slight re-shaping at the tang end of the blade (closer to 90 degrees should allow more force to be applied to the grown rather than the wrist).

As archaeologists you should understand patience (and the need of brute force!)
We'll wait with baited breath then Dave!

Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear that archaeology has lost your services. I remember you fondly from Watford. (Lets not exlore that too much online or my cover will be blownWink)

Custom building trowels is a great idea, best of luck. I may order a commemorative one myself when I retire; although I wouldn't be able to test it then would I?
Nobody ever retires from this!
Do they?
I don't actually know anyone who has, do you?


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