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Pewter in the Yorkshire Dales
Just a quick question. Does anyone know of any pewter artefacts from the Yorkshire Dales? I had a query at work today and although I am not too clear exactly what is being asked (query was passed on to me through someone else) the basic jist is whether there is a history of pewter use/manufacture in the Dales. I can;t find a blooming thing in SMR but if anyone knows of anything that may help me I'd be grateful! Big Grin
Hi Rachel, The person that springs to mind is Ronald. F. Homer FSA, I don't have his contact details any more but you should be able to reach him through the Society of Antiquaries. Pewter and its production is his specialism. Hope this helps.

Throwing in the trowel.
Thanks very much!Big Grin
I had the same enquiry the other day for Cumbria/Carlisle. Unfortunately we've got bugger all/

Everyone I spoke to said no..but but theres loads of roman pewter down wells


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