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Quote:quote:Its all very well embracing our Euro bretheren however, Its hard enough to get a job in British archaeology as it is!
Should we be encouraging people to come here and make it even harder?

Hmmm. Not sure I agree with this fortress mentality.

In my experience, the differences between UK and continental digging styles are such that background in one counts little towards employment in the other. We have all heard of people who have gone and worked overseas (sometimes in quite senior roles) to return to the UK and find that experience is not counted by UK project managers. So they end up as site assistants again despite having many years' experience managing quite large teams on the continent.

I myself have employed some non-UK nationals with no problems. EU nationals can work in any EU country (one of the good things about the borderless EU). That includes ex-MSC lag from Rotherham working in the south of France as well as pretty young girl from Nice working in South Yorkshire.

To be honest most seem to end up in Ireland at the moment.

I wasnt being racist in any way, I'm just saying that its hard enough to get a job here now!

To return to Euro BAJR.

My charming and long sufereing wife has begun the task of collecting all the EU (and prospective EU members) contacts in archaeology... the next stage is to expand this list and involve them... opening up a new section could take up to a year... (no point in going off half cocked....) If we can come up with a viable BAJR based Euro solution to dealing with all the things we have achieved in the UK... learn also from their experiences.. combine our talents and strengths and fight for Heritage on a European Level.

Vive la BAJRWink

Another day another WSI?
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Post-Med Potterer

The EAA now is about where the IFA was 20 years ago and so a lot needs to happen before universally agreed detailed standards (especially on H&S) are put into action by that particular body.

The will to suceed was evident at the Cork EAA.
I believe there was a thread a while ago about 'ethnic' involvement in Brit arch. As a foreigner amongst you it is pretty easy to spot quite a lot of unspoken (and, unfortunately, spoken) discrimination against anyone who "does not have a background in British archaeology". I understand that some may feel that Johnny foreigner is going to take ther job, but if they are the best most qualified?? The down side of this mentality is sitting at a dinner with some senior staff of a unit which I wont mention. Their course of conversation was a bagging of other nationals archaeology (this done without realising there were a few foreign Archs sitting next to them). When we managed to turn the conversation too the low wages and, at times, poor conditions, compared to the higher wages in other countries... Well the reply was that the were stupid and obviously paying there workers far too much. Sorry guys, a bit of a rant, but still rather peeved to here that kind of dribble from those who should be trying to move things forward. Due credit to an Irish mate for not smacking a particular person in the face ... Oh, you could tell he so wanted to!
Extremely small English people with extremely large mouths do nothing for international relations! Some who reach the incredibly dizzy heights of MIFA assume an almost God-like posture.Need to be brought down a tad and-their own mouth/action usually does that for us.......Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
There are two sides to this question.

Prejudice is where you discriminate against someone because they belong to an ethnic/linguistic/political/religious/other group that you don't like, where their membership of that group is not relevant to their ability to do their job.

On the other hand, a 'background in British archaeology' is potentially a valid criterion to discriminate between people, as it can affect their competence. Not because standards are necessarily lower elsewhere, but because knowledge of our own archaeological background is essential to be able to interpret what we find.

I have known quite a lot of non-British archaeologists working in Britain, some in senior positions, and generally been impressed with them. One thing that united them was that they were all very knowledgeable about British archaeology, but that knowledge was enriched by a good knowledge of the archaeology of their own country and of the differences between archaeological practice in the two countries.

If I were recruiting for a job whose holder would be required to make judgements about the relative importance of different archaeological sites, or about the appropriate archaeological response in a given situation, I would discriminate in favour of people who do have a good background in British archaeology. Their nationality, ethnic origin, etc. would not be a factor in establishing that background.

I would point out in this context that in recent years I have appointed two Irish archaeologists to jobs like the one I describe above, and shortlisted a Spaniard.

If I were recruiting for a job that did not require making those kinds of judgements, I would discriminate on other criteria that indicate an ability to do the job, but not including a good knowledge of British archaeology. In that context I have previously appointed both French and German archaeologists to British jobs.


to let, fully furnished

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