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After getting stuck behind every tractor in the East Riding yesterday I sauntered (or sloughed not sure which Big Grin) into my meeting at York about 25 minutes late.

I was wondering, what's the latest anyone has turned up to a meeting/site rather than phoning in dead/ill?
I was at York earlier this week and was an hour and 20 mins late drove out of Bradford so I could park at the station (no parking in Bradford), unfortunately silly Rachel forgot everyone would have the same idea, so spent 20 mins looking for a space in Shipley. Rushed to station only to be told when I bought my ticket, I would have to go via Bradford because of a broken rail. So everyone wanting to get to Leeds and York from Shipley had to pile on a 2 carriage train... GRRRRRRSad I was very mad
Was booked to do a talk to a respected archaeological society at 7pm Friday. At that time still stuck on the motorway with 30 miles to go. Got there 45 mins late, in a right fluster. Full house and my old lecturer sat in the front row. I'm sure he muttered something like 'just the same as he was 10 years ago'.
Similarly, a couple of years ago old Invis was sec and ed of a local soc. At a regular meeting shortly before kick off I had a call on my mobile from the then Mrs Invis saying the chairman, who was meeting the speaker at the station, had rung her to say that the train was running late, could I hold the fort, keep the baying slavering membership down? KO time time and I got another message saying the speaker was collected but had left his slides on the train.

Somehow they got them retrieved, from the next station or something I suppose, and the talk kicked off rather late. To this day I have no idea what I spoke about to entertain the troops.

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
Turned up 7 days late for the start of a dig (as a volunteer) in 1981 (confusion over diary dates, leaving me thinking I had time to cycle from Cumbria to the Cotswolds), and 24 hours late for the start of a new job in Wessex in 1987.

I've mostly been on time since then...


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