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digger divin
[:0]Exposed! right down to the MSC incurred backlog! I'd add an inability to look straight ahead whilst walking over any ploughed area..

When the going gets weird...the weird turn pro.
Oh dear, I believe I tick most of those boxes. Besides German paratroop style stuff reall is great, honest. I think you need to include encyclopedic knowledge of the location of every greasy spoon/sausage sandwich shop in a 50 mile radius of your office.
Oh yeah, it always used to be that someone had to have had an unsuccessful music career, you know the one that had a single out once.
Somebody said"

"strange Norwegian digging tool"

Would this be the device that translated enteries in Swedish, Icleandic, Finnish, Dannish and Lap on context sheets into English commonly called a supervisor employed by Riksanisavan.

What is treflis anyway?


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