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New job ads topic
Tell you the truth, change of scenery would be better. No offence to the profession as I know most of us work hard in our jobs and for an improved commercial archaeology. The situations I find myself in because of poor management and structure are apauling and depressing at the very least. I find the response of 'yeh must think the grass is greener...' etc etc to whatever moans and gripes very confounding in light that those with that attitude are only helping to maintian the current shape of archaeology. Its very much a 'keep your head down' idea which is fine for the individual but collectively useless.
moan moan moan moan...
I'll probably be alright tomorrow...
I must add that these problems are specific to my circumstances and are hopefully not happening all over the place, although I know it does from time to time.
Having a bad few months. Apologies if I've offended anyone.
Sparky-we`d only feel offended if you kept this to yourself!Big Grin
Please don`t think that you are alone in this-issues are pandemic in British archaeology and I for one am sick to death of banging my head against the wall over it.So much so in fact that, I refuse to leave my career (side-busting hilarity) and intend to become a very loud thorn? in everyone`s side until things change. If that makes me unemployable-fine, will give me the time needed to write the book on the farce of British arch I`ve been gagging to do for years.Please don`t allow consistant muppetry/arrogance and incompetence to push you away from your chosen career mate.We`ve only just started.....Come and play.....Wink

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