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'Should BAJR become MIFA'? Interesting subject. Bit confused though (easilly done Smile), can an organisation become a MIFA? Surely, an RAO would be more appropriate??

In any event isn't Mr Hosty already a MIFA?

Whoops, have just read Mr Hostys posting subject [:I] answers most of my queries...

However, I for one would campaign for BAJR to remain independance.... I'm sure the IFA would luvv to gain control over overwelmingly successful BAJR (having failed to gain the respect of the majority of archaeologists!)

Just my views..
No... these are just the views I want to hear.

I would hope that the IFA would have no control over BAJR.. it may in fact help both of us.. thus making voices stronger. It is a way of dealing with the often voiced phrase..."you can only influence the IFA from within" if it did not work.. or I felt that BAJR was in danger of being controlled.. I could of course leave. It may be worth a try... after all.. if you don't try.. you can't say one way or the other that it won't work.

I am not a MIFA or an AIFA or even a PIFA... but I will apply for MIFA status and who knows.. BAJR could become an RAO?

Another day another WSI?
Fair points. Isn't the IFA already listening and reacting to BAJR? Outside working groups have got to be a good thing. After all Prospect Union works on behalf of us but isn't an RAO...

As an archaeologist (field and curator) Mr Hosty should become a MIFA. But for the sake of archaeologists everywhere leave BAJR operating as an independant!

Maybe it should be run by committee (voted in by secret ballot of course)Big Grin
We seem to have at least 3 separate threads on this...

Personally, as I have said elsewhere, I reckon every archaeologist should join IFA, and that certainly includes Mr Hosty. Given his role in BAJR, he could become a strong and influential voice within IFA, and for those of you who think it needs reforming that could be a good thing. He would also become eligible for election to the IFA Council - might prompt me to vote!

On independence - well, joining IFA (either as an individual member or as an RAO) gives the IFA no control; existing RAOs such as Oxford or Wessex retain their full independence and are in no way controlled by IFA.


to let, fully furnished

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