Poll: Real Ale or White Wines?
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Real Ale (with all the bits)
35 68.63%
9 17.65%
Whit wine
2 3.92%
1 1.96%
Long Life Lager
4 7.84%
Watneys Red Barrel
0 0%
Total 51 vote(s) 100%
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Real Ale or White Wines?
In the good awld days archaeologists loved nothing better than a fine pint of real ale for breakfast, teabreaks, lunch, supper and nightcap [xx(]. What is the preferred drink of the archaeologist today? :face-topic:
need to expand on that list I fear! Baileys Big Grin

Close enough for a country job!
And it needs Gin. [:p]
List is way too short - what about

Whiskey / Scotch
Red Wine
Sloe Gin
"the nearest thing to hand"

Big Grin

Wine then beer makes you queer, beer then wine is just fine. If in doubt drink gin.
Despite the 'hard to shake' boozy image I actually know that the preferred drink of the majority of archaeologists is tea. Unshakeable fact. Have you ever known an archaeologist miss a tea break? (Other than the cranky ones, who need to get a life.....!!)

Of course I am not saying that tea doesn't on occassions get 'fortfied' (especially during dark, wet and cold winter tea times). Or even in the summer....I well remember a breakfast in Portsmouth many years back that introduced me to the delights of anchovies and slices of raw chili on toast and lapsong suchong mixed with Gordons Gin rather than milk (Maybe even a discussion as to whether, if invited to tea with elderly members of the Royal Family, it was polite for one to put the gin in the teacup before or after the tea!!)
Very true, Kevin. I didn't even like tea until I went on my first excavation, and found I had no choice.

I also have shaky memories of the bad old boozy days, especially visiting one CEU project in Devon where the drink of choice was 'real Devon snakebite', a pint of rough cider with a double gin in it. I was silly enough to drink those all night. Oh my poor heid....[xx(]

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