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BAJR dating?
What's going on with this site? First all the litigious stuff and the shut down. Now it's turned into a sort of Faceparty for dirty,beardy, smelly, jumper wearing hippies. No offence intended of course (and probably none taken). Seriously though I think David needs to set up yet another strand, this time for dating, as it would appear to be much needed. Yours, Vulpes (a Foxy stunner, no doubt!)Big Grin
Woof. Big Grin

Another day another WSI?
For once Vulpy, I agree. Seems to be listing towards a site where clever use of grammar and interpretation of confectionary is the order of the day. If it`s not that, it`s the unbelievably dull chirping of nesting lady-chasers.Wos goin on troops? Did I miss something?
Prehaps people are just kind of happy and have nothing to gripe about???[:o)]

That should last all of, ooh about a day I'd say.

Well, the way I see it is that people are being upbeat for a change and having fun. This is obviously good for the metaphysical spiritual appendage and should be encouraged. Interpretation of baked confections is a metaphor for the whole archaeological process, and clever use of the English language should be distinctly encouraged, especially if it leads people to think about how they write their reports. You never know, it might actually help make site reports interesting to read! Smile


Gentleman Adventurer and Purveyor of Agitfop to the Masses

Civilise the City March: assemble at the Beau Brummell memorial on Jermyn Street, London SW1 on Saturday 15th October at midday. Please bring elegant clothing, a stout cane and a doffable hat.

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