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Catch Phrases
how could I ever forget.... "trample yer loose"

Another day another WSI?
"ah sod it, whats another 5 mins, pass the baccy"

The head Super' at Bournemouth uni's training excavation is Ex-Special Forces and has a VERY LOUD BELLOW...he doesn't have to say anything, he just starts to stand up..
My-how things have a bournemouth uni orphan meself...Billown used to entail a whistle sometimes and at others, spotting uncle Tim`s landy on the horizon was enough to send us scurrying to the trenches. One of his more enlightened encouragements was to shout "stop wan*ing and get on with it". In tose days, there really was`nt anyfink "special" about the grown-ups and the word "force" was laughed at!Big Grin As an aside,people who have served in "special forces" won`t advertise the fact and as a further note, grown-ups who are dillusional enough to believe they have a right to shout at people don`t last very long! Shout back dude!Big GrinBig Grin
Big Grincheers Troll, actually Dave's the "real deal" as they say,(I've been kicking around a few years and met a few of the "Barroom SAS types!)I'm a friend of a friend who told me his history (hes not sas..)and he doesn't talk about it. Actually, his is a class act! he'd never get away with it on a real site, but the effect on arsing-about students is a joy to witness! No Billown this year, whole 1st year at Knowlton, 80plus people and two trenches... no timmy though, just Miles and JG..and the occasional unsettling materialisation of Ian Hewitt..I'm sure he has no reflection in the mirror Big Grin

When the going gets weird...
Augusta! In that case-when he shouts mate, run like fek!!! Good to hear that someone can get bums on seats type students of their arses! Hmmm, 80 people and two trenches...should make for some quality learning environments...not. Hope you all have a wash regularly or that could go orribly wrong. Please give my best wishes to JG and Miles...miss them both. On the IH front, tis not just his image that has no reflection...his reports alledgedly are no reflection of reallity either! Bless hs cotton sox. That said, I do miss the B`mouth massiffe and must endeavour to invade 11 Legion territory again soon.Best wishes to all...get `em all on here mate-more opinions the better!!!!Smile
Well 1man1desk and BAJR Host, whatever happened to a good old fashioned "clear up your loose", when it was time to pack up. Ah, I remeber the good old days, open toe sandals, floppy sunhats, tools under the wheelbarrow at tea break time.....Smile
Good to see all the ex Bournmouth people. Was there with Big Tim S when it was still the DIHE. Has any body got his whereabouts as I've lost them in my travels. I know he was up in Bradford.

Little Tim
and then, not to encourage workers.... One supervisor used to take great delight in waiting until the end of the day after everyone had been cleaning hard with the phrase 'Ah well, it'll look good when it's clean'

Quote:quote:Originally posted by muddy

'Ah well, it'll look good when it's clean'
I presume that this was meant to be ironic, rather than a criticism of your site cleanliness. A bit like that other ironic favourite: "trample in your loose!".

D. Vader
Senior Consultant

Vader Maull & Palpatine
Archaeological Consultants

Not just there for the rotten things in life like a blocked wormhole

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