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Catch Phrases
Ah, better still for the good old days was lazing out in the wheel barrow during tea break. Unless it had rained.....Best tea break memory was having the Red Arrows practice their display over the next door field.
Whenban-smith letting off an Air horn in my tent at Boxgrove in 96 to get us up was a terrifying moment imprinted on the back of my brain.

Or my favorite from the Late Geoff Cole "thats a pretty little stone have you any long term intentions for it" on being handed a natural worn piece of Flint.

And a few of you out there might remeber a certain wessex PO`s comments on a cremation "Scoop it up and put it in a bag" or crys at Stanstead of "MEDIIIII EEEVVVVAAALLL" you know who you are, actually after that you probably know who I am.Big Grin
It's all about respect, I guess. The guy at Castell Henllys (Ken?) looks a bit like the skinny officer bloke in It Ain't 'Arf Hot Mum, and would hover nervously and shift self consciously from foot to foot in an English sort of way, and politely utter "Shall we go back to the hole?". Worked though, everyone did. Top bloke.

Today, Bradford. Tomorrow, well, Bradford probably.

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