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Safe Pass and work in Ireland
Mtgorry.... any further you can go I would be well grateful


Another day another WSI?

Tell me what you want to know and i can give you what i know and have experienced on numerous ocassions or i can find out.

Anyone else, let me know what you want to know
Basically... if an archaeology company employees people.. should thye not pay for Safe Passes... if you were self employed I would exect you to have a Safe Pass.

In adverts it often says that it will only employ people wh already have safe passes.

Another day another WSI?
Well basically, the situation is this.

If you are employed by an archaeology company and do not have a safe pass, then as soon as you are in their employ, they are legally obliged to pay for your safe pass course, in the same way as they are obliged to purchase boots and wet weather gear as part of their duty of care.

Comapnies can get round this by stating that no person will be employed without a safe pass, which effectively passes the buck on the the potential employee. Given that the safe pass system has been running for over two years, the majority of archaeologists over here have their safe pass and therefore, the companies will always employ those with safe pass first.

If you are self-employed then i would say yes - you will have to pay for your own safe pass. This, however, should be off-set against tax. As i said earlier, it is highly unlikely that site assistants would be employed on a self employed basis. The only examples of self-employed status are the licence holders (site directors) who can usually strike a better deal due to the paucity of licence holders.

Hope this clears this up.

If anyone else has any questions, give me a shout.
Does a SAfe Pass not require renewal every year?

Another day another WSI?
The Irish National Training and Employement website says it needs renewing every four years.

Thats right curator.

100 euro for four years. A bargain Big Grin

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