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Guys,they can come in any bloody guise they like...just please....ask the majority of mounties to at least pretend that they are a part of the process. I agree on a massive level that this forum is ideal for all the varying arms in heritage to communicate openly however, what`s the point in having a mountie in the first place if:
a. Not even a glimmer of interest is evident
b. a research framework is taken to mean something one hangs plans on to dry
c. turning up on site is avoided at all costs
d. Understanding what is seen on site is negotiable
e. trusting crap hit and run units to do the job unchecked
f. passing reports and associated documentation without reading them
g. being totally unwilling to stand up and shout.
Come on guys, the key to just about everything in this game hangs on the curator`s belts.........Big GrinYep-this is bound to upset peeps out there but hey, frank and open discussion!!! Only once in nearly eight years have I seen a county mounty that fits the bill of the "bogs dollox" and that was in sunny Plymouth. Engaged/motivated/professional and bloody unshakable...gets my vote every time!
Hey if you really want a laugh next time one comes out try and get em down the trench to have a look!!


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