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a distraction-amazing or ridiculous?
Ah but you'd need a lot anyway Lucy!!

While carrying out a SBR in a deserted building in the middle of a cruising zone I noted the presence of hundreds of rubber rings from prophylactics (probably Durex Red Stripe). Also in same building many brilliant examples of "cottage art" and graffitti. Including notes of thanks to the person who left the stocking and suspenders behind, graphic descriptions of what whoever found these items did with them and solicitation from a fellow lingerie fetishist. Some artwork showing two men in lingerie engaged in hardcore anal action were also noted and inscriptions such as "3AM, anyone here? fancy a fu(couldn't make out the rest)".
Other great finds include S*it the Pig, a squeaky dog toy of porcine zoomorphic appearance. Due to post-depositional factors when squeezed the figure did not squeak but made a farting nose and sprayed liquid mud out of its rectal area.
Once on a Roman dig found some apparently fresh tagliatelle pasta in a deposit of boulder clay. While debate raged I demonstrated my belief that it was pasta planted as a hoax by eating a sample of the pasta.
Much childhood nostalgia in an old KP crisps packet with the monk characters found on a SBR and a 1981 Mr Freeze ice-pop wrapper from the topsoil on a wb.
Found an intact, still sealed, bottle of Pepto-Bismol in a backfilled 19thC cellar in Edinburgh...Actually it was the machine driver who found it, he was very proud...
A the rubber ring layer!

Once worked on a site in Ayrshire where I swear that the spade bounced out the ground!! The jonny age!


Another day another WSI?
Quote:quote:Originally posted by troll

...back to the thread! Curator Kid- no-one on site prompted to get involved in experimental archaeology with said find then? Oh dear, think it`s way past my bedtime....[:0]

The battery attachment was missing unfortunately. And the vacuum pump bit had a hole in it. Sad really - surely this would rank as one of the few archaeological finds that could possibly be "dated" in an additional way to just the usual...}Smile
Is it a sad reflection on our society that sex aids are so readily available and used? Or have people just got more adventurous? Or more stupid?


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