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World Union for Field Archaeologists?
After asking for the views of British field archaeologists and finding difficulties in prising them out of the pub, two responses to the thread "world of archaeology" have prompted Mr Hosty to open a new and exciting thread. Kath and Uncle Andy (Canada and Australia resp) have already opened fire providing us with an insight into their world of work. Here`s an appeal to field archaeologists the world over for their views. How is it for you? Please, pass the word around-this could take us all places...Big Grin
Thanks Troll... More ... Merrier... Stronger
What about an archaeologist exchange scheme? Lets change places with our colleagues abroad for a bit and wear eachothers shoes...anyone from somewhere nice and hot wiv palm trees fancy swapping me for my Roman cess-pits in the glorious midlands? Did`nt think so...Big Grinwarm, sweatier, longer...
What and miss the rain and snow troll, c'mon mate.

Just wondering if we can slot BAJR in as a link in other nation`s archaeology discussion sites Mr Hosty? Would still love to hear how things are done elsewhere and hear what other archaeologists have to say about their work...Big Grin
lets see if we can find these discussion sites...

Links please!
I've had a bit of a surf about and to be honest there is nothing as good as this anywhere boss.


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