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scaum H&S manual
"Walk off site"! to be followed by the words "you'll never work in this town again.
don't be silly mate, the people running british archaeology are petty enough as it is, this would just be another excuse.

Would have to disagree with you there Deep. Units that fall short on health and safety are just spitting in our face. Like it or not, units will cut corners and people will get hurt. A good indicator is where a contractual unit treats it`s staff well-usually, they treat the archaeology well too. If you`re treated like sh*t then usually, this is the attitude towards the archaeology held by your employer. Archaeological units that compromise on health and safety issues/obligations should be exposed as soon as possible. Archaeologists have the right to walk off of a project where they believe that a safe working environment has not been achieved. So Deep, if your`e in fear for your job when you raise a safety issue, take it personally.Big Grin
And of course.... phone the Hotline..... surprising what a call from BAJR can do...Sad

Another day another WSI?
Quite agree sire.Any chance we could push the issue and get a show of hands from curators on the SCAUM health and safety manual thing? Would very much like to see that implemented as a requirement as soon as possible. Either that or, we need to start training archaeologists in health and safety monitoring.Big Grin
I'm not saying that we should work in dangerous situations, anything but.
What i am saying is don't take it that by walking off site you'll have a job to come back to even though you are in the right in wales there are probably a handful of people waiting to wear your work boots as soon as you step out of em.

Deep- Greetings sire! Know exactly what you mean. However, What would be more stress-free for the unit, having to replace the entire staff almost immediately or, resolving the safety issue? It really should`nt be allowed to come to that. I still say that the SCAUM book should be on site as a condition. We all know that as archaeologists, commercial units will always make savings where they can.Unfortunately, some units see fit to completely ignore even the most basic of rights we have as employees and in the main, this is illustrated in an arrogant approach to safety. Don`t even get me started on shi* risk assessments penned by muppets who can clearly , barely write their own name. I will put up with most crap on site but, an employer who feels that I will tolerate blatant disreguard for the safety of myself and my colleagues had better get a good lawyer.And on a personal note-a fekkin good reconstructive dentist.WinkWinkWink

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