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through new eyes
Enough already. Some time ago, I suggested that we should record the absurd behaviour of individuals/units/developers and present them to the IFA. I would dearly love to hear your horror stories and, document them. Whoever you are, from the Gods down, please take time out to write to me. I will prepare a document outlining the "current state of archaeology" but will ommit individual/unit/organisation names-for now. If the IFA are to continue to churn out patronising responses to genuine concerns from the professionals in the workforce-I intend to force-feed them some insight.In effect, showing them a mirror should prompt them to take their responsibilities seriously.If this fails to illicit a response from them, Tessa Jowell will have a copy.If that also fails, the press will get one. Discuss....... please send your horror stories to
A big thank you and RESPECT! to those of you who have responded so far. For a moment there, I thought I must have dreamt the things I`ve seen. It would seem that there is an endless stream of examples of piss-poor behaviour and that for the large part, IFA Members are central. Keep it coming! p.s Skeet-try sending one photo at a time-bunches of them take too much memory! Don`t forget-this is not a witch hunt but an insider`s view to current bad practise in the profession.Big Grin
Take care there Troll.. I have found that what may look like a breach is infact a perfectly innocent mistake.. I am also worried about some photos that supposedly show a breach... while photos taken from a different angle by the archaeological contractor clearly show that the previous photos were misleading.

That is not to say however that they do not happen... and I am only to well aware that they do...

Remember that if you see something dangerous.. report it immediatly... either to the supervisor / safety officer or to BAJR if you are too scared of repecussions. If you see actions which are against IFA codes of conduct... once again.. report it right away... not weeks down the line. report it to the IFA or the County Archaeologist.. or once again.. if all else seems lost.. report it to BAJR.

I would be real interseted to see these cases Troll... we could go through them together if you wish.Big Grin
Just really to reiterate the words of Mr Hosty-go through your line managers first then, if all fails, talk to the BAJR hotline- Probably the best thing to happen in British archaeology this decade! My request is very different.I aim to provide non-field archaeologists (in this case read IFA) with an insight into just how meaningless their standards are when they refuse to police them. I am asking for examples of piss-poor practise with or, without details of individuals or units, to paint a picture for their tiny little minds to savour. Mr Hosty-thank you for the welcome advice, I will of course be very careful although, I would love the IFA to sue me should they so desire-free and effortless media coverage AND- what`s said in open court is publishable! I will send you a copy of said document when completed before it goes anywhere else.Big Grin
Thanks troll

Welcome sire-would`nt send it anywhere without your advice anyway. A public THANK YOU for all your time, effort and sincerity on all our behalfs. Just to be clear for all subscribers- I am attempting to clarify the state of standards/professionalism in current commercial archaeology by documenting your horror stories as seen through your eyes.This is, in no way connected with any efforts instigated by BAJR and I take full and sole responsibility for aforementioned document and it`s potential aftermath. Giz your stories boys and girls...time to get loud.Wink

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