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professional institute
Does anyone have experience of Prospect? I've only had a colleague ring them up once for legal advice. Have they got any interaction with the IFA?
In the leaflet I saw, they all looked like well paid Project Managers doing things like engineering. Do Prospect have much idea of what archaeological companies are really like?
Prospect-say lots and do sod all. Are inextricably occupying the same bed as the IFA. Nice glossy leaflet with all sorts of claims-complete garbage.
Back off site, nice to see the revolution in full swing (not).

Been a Prospect member meself for a while now. It was heralded as a new dawn: unfortunately its been a pile of big dogs c***.

Lets have a proper workers association.

PROSPECT were supposed to talk with me this month... still tumbleweed... this has continued since July last year.. every meeting either cancled or forgotten. I have even offered the complete BAJR database of 800+ jobs collected over the past 4 years so they can see trends, pay levels, descriptions, job titles etc... not a resource to be sniffed at..! nothing!.. It seems the mood is of PROSPECT says much... does nought...

go to the NEW BAJR Poll and vote.!
Timely opportunity to leave two of the most innefectual and some would argue "nauseating" organisations to their own devices and move on? Time to bring the real issues confronting field archaeologists in a commercial environment into the 21st Century. Are Prospect representing field archaeologists in any way? Do the IFA ensure the nations heritage is given the care it deserves as a finite resource through the maintenance of standards? Are they both simply arrogant species designed to bleed funds and look good? Game over methinks-time to explore other avenues.....lets get busy.....Smile
I'm with the Troll! F*** em. The ifa and prospect lot are just a bunch of managers with their own agenda and little thought for the working stiffs (us). Lets go!


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