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I don't care any more!!!!!!!!!!!!
The new BAJR poll is looking at reasons why there is a lethargy or lack of motivation in archaeology in the field.

after the 99th dull watching brief or even worse... finding archaeology and then finding the management have underbid to win the site... and hey.... no money is actually left to dig the site... let alone the time.......... sounds familiar?

The poll can't really delve into your real feelings on this... but here you can.. what is happening and what can be done.

This is a place to grumble... but also come up with ideas that can work to make everyone get back into caring about teh arcaheolgoy.... or perhaps I am just plain wrong? tell me

perhaps a website that tells the horror stories? The world knows we`ve all got the hump, about time we told them why.No need for names and places.Simply the stories.With photography.Tisk tisk...tis only a job.....

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