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Photo equipment
No doubt a very dumb question, but does anyone know where we could get photo scales - 0.5m and smaller - and north arrows, without having to resort to making them?! [:o)]
Have you tried CATS (Cotswold Archaeological Tools and Supplies) at You can order stuff online from them and they can deliver quickly.

They do three scales for 35 quid but I can't see north points on their list.
Yeah, I had a look at catsco but there's not a lot of information - do you know eg what size the scales are, or what they're made of?
Dunno - give them a buzz.

Try also Tubal Cain Ltd, at tel 0870 0433750.

Otherwise it's down to B and Q for some bits of wood and pots of paint! Maybe you've identified a gap in the market.....
Will post up a downloadable scale which can be printed out on nice thick photo paper... I use it myself.. and it works a treat.

Will be in the Library sub section of BAJR in the Resources area.

should be up in a few weeks.


what sizes would be most appreciated?

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