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Grey Lit Info
A searchable database of our report series is available here:

see above! Smile

ps.. I think sharing is also a sensible way forward.. ie.. not ringfenching data - where different groups can share - and receive in return. (ps.. this is different from copying and not asking permission! )

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Quote:quote:Originally posted by Drunky

Very mysterious,

it might be that there just not a lot of information about the sites i was looking at, but i would just like to not miss anything out.

Ive started out small by sending enquires to the 4 Welsh trusts HER all but one sent me a reply, and only two with any info, one told me i would have to come to them and the last didn't even responed to the their own internet form

So much for public access

Hi Drunky
Sorry to be suspicious but your post seems to be loaded! You final comment in particular. In effect two of the Trusts sent you the information you requested and one said it would be better to visit, which is a a good piece of advice because often the information requested is contained in many sources.

So in fact three out of the four gave you a positive response! Yet you say "so much for public access". You got free archaeological information and an offer to help you find further info and you are negative about this.

Are you by any chance in academia?

It was more to do with the fact that the negative responses didn't even tell me what they had , even when i mentioned dates and names of sites, i also offerd money for printing and stamped addressed envolopes so apart from time there would be minimum cost to them.

I do work,on the usual short contracts and don't really want to be using my holidays days to drive hundreds of miles to find out that they don't have the information i need.

It is an interesting issue - does anyone know to what extent/time frame (if any)county records offices or trusts are obliged to reply to queries?

It is infinately easier to access info if at least a synopsis is online so that when info requests are sent you have some idea what a given record office has

Its a pity that there isnt a similar system to oasis set up that covers Wales, which also suffers from a lack of a national database so for info theres the 4 trusts and the Royal Commission to trawl through and often the reply is simply come down an see for yourself. This is fine if the work is paid but trying to conduct any kind of personal research your looking at a week off to go to all the offices - an impossiblilty on a short term contract
The National Monuments Record for Wales is searchable online

They might have copies of the site reports that you're after, and be able to run you off a copy, or lend them to a library local to you on inter-library loan. That kind of thing is pretty discretionary though. I don't know how their NMR is set up, but they may also have event records for excavations/surveys etc for which they don't hold the archive or copyright, but they may have summaries of the results.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by trowelfodderThis is fine if the work is paid but trying to conduct any kind of personal research your looking at a week off to go to all the offices - an impossiblilty on a short term contract

Not necessarily.....One of the few advantages of short-contract work is the ability to take time off, as and when you can fit it in or when you want to take it. And very few of us go directly from short contract to short contract. So maybe all thats required is a little forward thinking and planning...

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

the only thing to think about is the intellectual copyright that a client pays for, which is one of the reasons why the county archaeologists are paid for their knowledge and experience.

they have access to such sources without restriction.

equally the bourneouth AIP has equal opportunity for farmiliarity with the material for the production of abstracts that are of use.

however there remains the issue of abstracts being relevant and accessible as a database of multi-facetted search criteria of open source origins.

but again AIP have already adddressed this, however the sub-navigation of such databases, which on occassions can be compromised by interest and knowlegable experiencial bias, on site let alone in post ex, prevents an effective co-ordination.

there is the concern however of an over dominance of certain intellectual influence or cultivation, with tendancy towards accidental cartel formation.


the die is cast and the heads on the block...........

txt is
I say short contact, although i haven't seen a contract for months,
Thanks every one for there help

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