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First Aid Kits
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Windbag

Oldgirl- that's what our first-aid kits have.
The point about drugs and creams is a valid one, and one that applies to PPE as well (non-latex gloves for example). I'm not sure if it applies to suncreams - I've always assumed that a big container of high-factor suncream was a must in hot weather in a site office, but I don't know about issues arising from allergies.

Most major construction site office toilets will contain detergent, barrier cream and moisturiser now as well, but that's getting a bit off-topic!

Certainly in schools you have to send individual sun-cream in, in case of allergic reaction. I always think a big floppy hat, whether worn under a hard hat or not, is a good idea - not that we have to worry about that in the present weather!

It's probably worth saying (and may have been said already!) that I think most of us are talking about First Aid Kits in the UK, different things might well be suitable in other countries. Here, I'd stick to what's recommended by HSE/Red Cross/St Johns.

I think the most important thing, however, is a brain, the right information and an ability to use it. Along with the correct information to give to the emergency services in the case of a serious injury.
PS and more than one First Aider - I've been on sites where we had no mobile signal (or - on older sites - no mobiles at all!) and I was the only First Aider AND the only driver.... I did used to wonder what would happen if it was me that got hurt.....

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