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Very topical - Druids and Stonehenge
Well, talking of SH, Druids and toilet matters......

t'was an interesting experience* last summer's dig where the first job (no pun intended) of each day was to empty the site portaloos of druids. Oh but they did seem to like those loos. And to be fair, the symbology of a row of upstanding portaloos, with the stones down the hill in the back ground, was quite striking.

*actually, de-druiding the loos was probably one of the few interesting parts of the experience.
Had they noticed that the loos looked quite like moedern sarsons then? I suspect putting the lintel on could be messy

4 inch archaeologist's pointing troll- the next big thing for small find management
Had this picture on the office wall for months - I think it was a double page from the Guardian. Hope the link works...

[Image: banksyhenge460.jpg]

Does Domestos work on Druids? Or do they need something stronger? Maybe it only affects 99% of all known Druids. That wouldn't be enough. What about combining it with Toilet Duck? :face-thinks:

"I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists."



Vanish oxy-action, trust pink, forget druids.

4 inch archaeologist's pointing troll- the next big thing for small find management
Ahem.....wots a "pointing Troll"? perchance? Big Grin

The projects been shelved for two very important reasons:

1. The Government (whats left of it) has no intention whatsoever of valuing British heritage and clearly has no idea when it comes to modern heritage tourism.

2. The Government needs to save as much money as possible to continue the mass murder of civilians abroad in pursuit of American foreign policies.


..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Troll, you might have heard of this tiny thing called a recession, which is causing the government to be short of tax revenue. The project is not shelved, as far as I have heard, the new visitor's centre is going ahead. If you have heard otherwise, then by all means pass it on.

DCMS as a whole (not just heritage) has a funding shortfall, which I take to mean 'not getting as much as it would like'.

Not sure if your point 2 has any relevance here. Probably not.
don't forget, the potential threat to stonehenge was widely reported as a possible in the serious press, though as you say, is not yet confirmed. I heard it first on radio 4, so it must be true...


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