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Mature student training/volunteer digs
Hello all,

I work full time and have been studying as an undergraduate for the past year (Open Uni Archaeology and Classical Studies) decided that my job can pay the mortgage until I retire, but that I need to for the sake of sanity study the subject that has absorbed me most of my adult life. (40 now).

The O.U is pretty good I have to say and Leicester Uni offer some great courses to make sure that the archaeology aspect of the degree is pretty comprehensive however its the field work thats difficult to find.

Ive found a couple of courses, Reading - Calleva, Leicester - Lincoln, that do a few weeks for 20 credits so thats ok so far as degree study is concerned, though I think as there is overlap I will do one or the other, but does anyone know of any UK or overseas (pref both) digs that can cater for volunteer beginners and upwards?

I wouldnt find it a problem at all being the only 40 year old at a dig made up of much younger people, but I think it would be more enjoyable all round if some of the contingent were of my own generation or thereabouts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for digs 2010-2011 likely to be running, UK or overseas that might fit the bill?
also have a look at Current Archaeology Ilovethepast

I love being in my 40s too... feel younger than ever!

Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
Mohandas Gandhi

oxford university do a more mature excavation withvolunteers that may be worth looking at

i dont know what it is called other that its not the dorchester upon thames ecavation as thats primarily student based.

hope that helps

txt is
Thanks, a good couple of links there. Ive taken a look at both and they fit the bill.


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