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Now VATs an interesting subject
So when eh employ somebody to go and dig a hole those diggers produce a product which is zero rated and those who employ them claim back 15% on what ever it takes but when you and I did a hole all we are doing is starting at the top but then getting ever over our heads..

It is quite odd why this subject seems to be getting so emotive, chill out and lets see where we can get, surely it would be an incredible advantage if archaeology was 0 rated- and we do work in an industry were it does happen- probably most of the volunteers are working under this umbrella?lets be grateful for that
This actually useful subject is getting lost.

The simple answer is if you have a turnover over 68k then you must be VAT registered. otherwise the choice is yours.. it has pluses and minuses - archaeology will not be VAT exempt.. so lets move on.

Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
Mohandas Gandhi
I started this subject and now I am not useful ..thank you.
please go and read the eh document, archaeology isn?t always vat-ible, go to the universities where the babies come from, archaeology isn?t vat-able! If your over 68k then you need to sort out what you are, is probably closer to the truth, and there are possibly three choices. I have recently filled in my self assessment on line and this year I am given the choice as a self employed person to have several self employments, may be I can split up what I do into this is vat-able , this shouldn?t be?will have to talk to the vat person ..I originally thought some other archaeologist might know whats going on but it appears you have mainly been talking to your accountants who make their money by helping you pay tax ??..
The original and more than useful topic which you stated has been very very useful,

I admit freely I have companies that perform very different functions and therefore are viable for being separate entities, thus unsuring that turnover does not cross the VAT threshold. I also am in partnership and this is VAT registered. I got good advice - but have to say I don't evade... I am a bit too honest in fact.

Understadning VAT and the possibilities is a very useful subject, as long as it does not stray into the familiar territory ( ie... charities.. its all unfair... councils... etc) We stick to the useful and all is well. Talk to an accountant... I would say your question has bee answered, and I have found it interesting.

"talking to your accountants who make their money by helping you pay tax "

its what they do!

Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
Mohandas Gandhi
we are only on page two but you want me to go away !!!!!

now vats an interesting subject????

why not stray into the familiar territory!!!!

-its where I was first
most totally ripped off and where i imagine many are about to tread (
and now I have
sorry sorry sorry
hosty you are leading the way
but you need to feed what you are doing back into the plebs
I suspect that you should be zero rated but this is bigger than both of us and we need to talk to those who can sort it out I suspect that they are reading this..
Quote:quote:thought 5 day week 52 weeks is 260 working days 67000 divide by 260 got ?257 a day and thought theres something to aim at.

And so you never take holiday, time off for granny's funeral, sick time?

Its not a VAT answer but you would do better assuming about 220 days per year on average for working out day rates if you are aiming for ?67k per year.
grannys funneral - working
sicktime yes it was

I was just looking for a margin to be on the right side of the vat man, but thanks I will use your argument in court.
I completely agree with Dr Wardle. Get some advice. HMRC run free courses on VAT as well as ones on tax and NI for small businesses/self employed. You can also get a lot of information from your local business link (or equivalent) as well as free/cheap one to one sessions.

If you are registered for VAT you have to charge it on your bills and then pay it on to HMRC minus the VAT that you have paid out to other people. You can do this on actual or on a 'flat rate'. I don't know much about the flat rate as it's been introduced since the last time I had to register for VAT, but I gather it's a percentage of your turnover based on the average VAT offset for your particular industry. I have no idea what that is for archaeology, or how they would be able to sort it out with such a likely small sample size. On the plus side you don't have to work out your VAT return to the penny. Either way, if you're registered, you're working as an unpaid tax collector.

The other downside of VAT is VAT inspections - they come out and go over your books. On the plus side, the only time I was involved in that they gave us some money back!

So, some clients like you to be VAT registered because they can offset your VAT against their return to HMRC. Clients who aren't registered prefer you not to be as you are 15% cheaper. (And to whoever asked - VAT is 15% at the moment, but goes back to 17.5% later this year - can't remember when!)

Taxable Supplies in your 1st quote is the total of the money that you have invoiced/billed/whatever elase you want to call it. So if you are passing on the cost of (for example) machine hire, yes you have to include that in the calculation.

I found HMRC quite nice when I ask questions. My main gripe is that I cannot claim courses/training the relate to setting up a business (which will pay tax) back against tax. Seems counter-intuitive to me!

(HMRC - Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)
Thanks old girl. I can see how to pay vat and how it works in the book keeping sense, but I am interested in the exemptions such as book writing, educational, research and also as a product required by local authorities. If one archaeologist can dig a hole without vat why cant all the rest of us. These exemptions are legitimate and have been utilised by various archaeologists in various circumstances. If you like it, goes along with my current Ice coc theme, which for the vat angle is that: archaeologists turns up on a landowners site (archaeology owners site) and says yes I can do the work and that will be 15% on top as well, for the government. To my way of thinking this makes the owner of the archaeology a little bit sad (15%) and I worry that it might make that owner a little bit not liking archaeology and archaeologists and then it might make that land owner very interested in panning and podsolisation and improving their land and what with fertiliser being very expensive, all of a sudden, the landowner is very very interested in sub-soiling

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