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OASIS and Planning Conditions
would that be validation or Validation...?


but, I think it's right to flag up the many OASIS problems. My personal query was why does the AIP still have to go to HERs in person when OASIS was supposed to take this function over?

And why is the form so bloomin cumbersome- there's information required that will never be of use to anyone (post code for starters), and why can't we use it as an index for sites without grey literature?
I like the postcode, place name grid ref... surely duplication?

and by the way... it seems that the debate on NGR and OS copyright is moving into a new phase. OS "own" all data which is 'derived' or uses NGRs..

Lat / Long anyone?

I understand why OASIS exists.. it is also a very complex system.. I would like to see what contractors would do to 'make it better'

Perhaps a debate for the Federation?

Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
Mohandas Gandhi
I seem to recall searching for some time for a project type as simple as 'watching brief', I'm sure I couldn't find it. The terminology does seem a bit unsuitable for many commercial projects and there are about twice as many categories of information as actually necessary etc etc. I don't know what kind of review process it went through but were that the people who were acually going to deal with it (HER/SMR officers and contractors largely) asked their opinion?

Anyway, knocking it aside, it really is a very good thing!
Quote:quote:I understand why OASIS exists.. it is also a very complex system.. I would like to see what contractors would do to 'make it better'

I don?t understand why oasis exists anymore than any other web hosting facility. That it says what post code or any other qualification less so. As a capitalist pig I always have this nagging feeling that what I produce has to be a product for which there is a demand even if eventually it relies on the long tail (look it up). To that end (boom boom) what would convince me is that I would get some form of payment for putting my sweat and blood on it. At the moment its main attraction to be on it is that it can be imagined as a preferred contractors list. That it has a county based search facility might have some effect on the big cross county eia projects and who gets involved.

I would reiterate Talisiens earlier observation that Oasis merely intends to provide an online index that facilitates the flow of information to primarily, some really dodgy scheme called, the nmr and then local smr if it exists. Oasis blindly skirts around the issue that as far as we (I) am concerned I have to get a copy, electronic or hard into the hands of the authorising authority and for them to say well done pet monkey so that I can go and get paid and not have to worry that I have to spend anther poorly paid day or week on it.

Where Oasis NMR gets interesting is that at the mo around my way there appears to be about twenty people who sit next to a cave in which my hard bound copies go. A lot of their existence seems to rely on this cave. Presumably at any moment google books or the brutish museum is going to come in and digitise that cave and leave those twenty no food to live on unless of course some thing called VALIDATION saves them
may be

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