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OASIS and Planning Conditions
Can curators require OASIS project uploads before signing off planning conditions?


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Mmmmm ....Not sure but probably if they see fit to..... i know some insist on a digital copy of report be lodged with OASIS within three months of project completion in addition to SMR/HER....
Quote:quote:Originally posted by BAJR Host
Can curators require OASIS project uploads before signing off planning conditions?

as far as I am aware, no. As the OASIS homepage states:

Quote:quote:The overall aim of the OASIS project is to provide an online index to the mass of archaeological grey literature that has been produced as a result of the advent of large-scale developer funded fieldwork. As part of this overall vision, the OASIS data capture form has been designed to help in the flow of information from data producers, such as contracting units, through to local and national data managers, such as SMRs and NMRs. The resulting information will be validated by the relevant NMR and passed onto the ADS for inclusion in its online catalogue ArchSearch. The inclusion of information in ArchSearch will enable users to search for the latest information pertaining to a particular site, type of monument and so on and either provide direct web links through to the grey literature reports or at least act as a pointer to the physical holding place of a report or archive. Grey literature reports are also being made available directly through the ADS Library, where it will be possible to search and retrieve reports based on a variety of different data fields. It is hoped that the OASIS project will facilitate the rapid flow of information from producer to user.

The relevant part is:

'designed to help in the flow of information'

This does not imply there is a requirement for an OASIS form to be completed, just that it would be useful. I wonder if confusion has arisen out of the validation process for completed OASIS forms/submissions that are described, when completed, as 'signed off'? Just a thought...

web link here:
definitely written into briefs...i'm reading one now.
I've not seen it explicitly said that a planning condition wouldn't be signed off until the OASIS form has been filled in but it certainly says in many briefs that it 'must' be completed. Does that therefore imply that the project won't be signed off until it is done? I'm not sure.

Personally I'm all in favour of the briefs saying this, I just rather it said that the form should be filled in including the uploading of the report, as that is the most useful element of the OASIS website. It seems to be accepted that filling in the form does not necessarily mean uploading a report, which is a shame because, as far as I can tell, you can't then find that project entry if you search the OASIS website.

Of course, this has other implications. If contractor A is filling out their OASIS form and contractor B isn't (and is getting away with it) then contractor A is likley to be costing themselves out of work (have you tried filling the forms out!). If contractor A is filling the form out and assuming that this includes uploading the report while contractor B is also filling out the form but not uploading the report then contractor A is again potentially costing themselves out of work as this also takes more time. Hence the need for more clarity from curators.
Once you've filled in a few it does become easier.....
Quote:quote:Originally posted by monty
[br]Once you've filled in a few it does become easier.....

That's true, but it still takes time. It also used to have the frustrating habit of crashing part way through and then you would have to start again, plus you have to complete two or three sections before you can save it, which is fine, except it means that once you start you have to stick with it for a while before you can stop.

We require a print out of the OASIS form in the back of reports submitted, with the understanding that if it is not there, the report isn't ready to ne signed off.

So I suppose in that way, yes, we do require an OASIS form completed in order to fulfill a condition. I've never had anyone question or complain about it, and even many of our local societies are using the forms (but if they want to fill in an old fashioned SMR form, that's ok too).

Thanks for all that. I often do them as a batch... but now for some locations need to have it done before sign off.. does this not place more pressure on the Council HER.. as this can be a bottleneck... and not the contractors fault if it is not processed - would the COuncil HER not have to have a policy of a timelimit for processing an OASIS entry?

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Quote:quote:Can curators require OASIS project uploads before signing off planning conditions?

I think the curator?s answer would be that if that were agreed in the so-called WRITTEN scheme of works than yes (thank god for verbal agreements)

But as Taliesin says oasis seems to have a different view of its self, as its basic intention was to be an index rather than it being a repository of grey literature (I presume that by uploads you mean not just a descriptive record of your project but products like reports drawings..)

Why do I know (alright, think that I know) this, well -as you might recall from many previous rants I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about copyright (and a hatred of the state). I see copyright as the basic product of a professional field excavator?.I base my self-employment with the Inland Revenue on it. I extend this view to the reports that I produce and believe that I am being mindful of the institutes of FIELD archaeologists code of conduct?..

anyway when oasis first came out I though was introduced to me as a way to cut down costs on printing out reports, the tedium of binding them up and thinking that putting grey literature into smrs was a way to fame and fortune and there was always the worry that after having produced 15 ring bound copies the curator their mother, the client their mother did not like it and would insist that I start all over again or GIVE THEM MY HOUSE. But the word validation came up and I though whats that all about. It appeared that once I had downloaded the report that before it could be displayed for the public the smr had to validate it. What was bit odd about this was that often by the time I had gone to upload the report that the curator had accepted the report. Now I plough fields where the curator is also the smr and potential competitor, where the smr is also the curator (and I don?t think that they are a competitor although they are making money out of archaeology so..) and the main place where the smr seems to be distinct to the curators?(and both are making money out of archaeology)

anyway I discovered that all the big boys in my area at the time were noticeably not up loading reports that I could get at in the smr (they don?t call it smr round my way in one of the areas for some inexplicable reason) and so it came about that so long as I had given a description of the report/project with oasis and supplied a print out of that record with the hardcopies for HER smr that was sent by way of the curators that I could get away (get away) with not having to spend time up loading the reports. So I didn?t upload and this is how I left it and I went away to consider validation.

Validation- now I once did a course in databases and I reserve the right to change my report?

anyway I came up eventually with a cunning polly as I had seen very little movement on this subject over the last two years and I also I wanted to get my name visibly up on oasis so that I could get involved in bigger frauds and tried to upload my first ever report what I did on my own and this is where I entered into a email correspondence with the funny little people at the oasis who said

Quote:quote:The system is primarily designed for the reporting of current fieldwork projects with the aim of getting the project information into both the HER and the NMR.
and that there was a problem with validation and that I might like to wait around for something called Glade which will be very refreshing when it appears.

anyway so I went to the smr and said are you having a problem with validation and they said yes we aint got the time(money) to do it

well folks why not drop validation and leave that to the archaeologhists ?we have codes for this sort of thing and I want the right after the curator has accepted my report to then put in the report what I thought about their conditions which they had inflicted on my client , the little old lady with porch extention who I made employ me using an ice contract the terms of which I have found that I can charge her for (plus a small handling charge).

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