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Rhind Lectures 2009 Recorded
Rhind Lectures 2009 Recorded
19 Apr 2009

The 2009 prestigious Rhind Lectures, presented by Emeritus Professor Trevor Watkins on "New Light on the Dawn" are now available for free viewing and download from the Society webpages.

This year the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland started a unique venture to record the prestigious Rhind Lectures. These are a series of six academic lectures, usually presented by a single expert, over the course of a weekend. The speaker is agreed some years in advance, and the number of lectures allows a topic to be visited in great detail, or with a very wide scope. The Rhind lectures began in 1874 after the death of Alexander Rhind who left the residue of his estate to endow a lectureship in the Society, and this has come down to us over 129 lectures evolved into the discrete series presented today.

The lectures are available to download by clicking here.


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