Poll: What's Your favourite artefact?
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Pottery - you've finally got that dating evidence you were looking for!
7 13.46%
Bodies - bring on the skulls baby
12 23.08%
Burning - let the evidence of industrial activity reign over my interpretation of the site
4 7.69%
Walls - We've found the building! We've found the building!
9 17.31%
Leather - not that you've got a fetish or anything
2 3.85%
Post holes - remember - two is a line, three is a building
3 5.77%
Soils - I dig the stratigraphy baby
5 9.62%
Gold - nothing but the best will placate my lust for tresure
10 19.23%
Total 52 vote(s) 100%
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What's Your favourite artefact?
For all the archaeological value of everything else, I still get that little bit more excited about things that shine...

so GOLD it is... (confessions of a magpie pottery specialist, oh the shame)

Remember the famous dwarf drinking/mining song:
'Gold, gold, gold;
Gold, gold, gold;
Gold, gold, gold, gold!'
(courtesy T.Pratchett)
I went for the leather option as that implies a waterlogged site (honestly-that was the real reason):face-approve:
despite not being an archaeologist my best find/artifact was a couple of things on a good day firstly metal detecting at an old farm ,i instantly found a bronze age socketed axe head apparently one of the rarest types ever found in scotland a short while later near the same spot i found a lot of burning in one spot which was full of iron as my detector kept going wild i recorded the find spots and went to inform the local farmer of the find as his wife was the curator of the local museum ....after dinner we went back to the fields my fiends and i decided to walk along the coastline and while i was detecting they spotted a piece of wood that was almost black and was clearly old and had been worked and my friend scott who has some experience with wooden artifacts started to move some sand and general debris and uncovered part of a log boat which was buried under the sand he recorded it and reported it and it turned into a 30 foot dug out canoe almost perfect conditon and is now known as the tay or perth canoe 7000 years old !!!!http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1...e-Tay.html

Gary Cullen
Teodora Drajzera 8 Topcider
Tel:062 230 855

Walls, only because the majority of sites that I work on are Neo/EBA so a nice meaty wall is a pleasant change. Well, to be fair, anything other than holes and turf stack is a pleasant change....
I went for walls too, but stratigraphy, walls, gold, pottery etc etc even better!

I'd like a site with all of the above please! Big Grin
According to my niece, the best artefacts to find are worms. Although she is three so probably not a typical contributor to the forum.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Windbag

According to my niece, the best artefacts to find are worms. Although she is three so probably not a typical contributor to the forum.

Surely they're ecofacts?? Big Grin

Mental Age of 3 probably isn't far off!
It has to be a blooming great landscape, GPS and total station and freedom to wander at .will.....but if you are looking at the micro side of archaeology nothing can beat obsidian arrow heads. Not just the best finds ever but possibly the most beautiful artefact ever created by humankind....

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Ah yes... give me the open survey... when you give a single number to items like Tomb or Temple.. or a recent favourite of mine in Jordan.

Record Sheet 2056

Type: Roman Milestones (x4)



Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
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ermm... bodies aren't artefacts, unless they've been modified by human agency in some way. e.g. lopping the top off your skull and using it as an ashtray, then it would be an artefact.

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