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construction industry
Forum readers might be interested in this brief article on the recent downturn in the construction industry.

Well that article was full of the most unremiitting goobledgook I think I have come across 'cuts in headcount' 'reduction in input pricing'.....What are they at?

Interestingly I heard recently from a Polish friend who is currently 'resting' back in Krakow. She says that the Polish government had predicted that Poland would be pretty much untouched by the current economic downturn. Which seems to be just about true.

Unfortunately many Poles who have been working in countries outside of Poland find themselves at present with lots of time on their hands and very little to do either abroad [u]or</u> back in their own country which needless to say is having a big knock-on effect on the otherwise 'unaffected' Polish economy.

Maybe the Independent and the Polish government are sharing leader writers at present!!

[Image: 3334488270_7156e71b8b_t.jpg]

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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