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support from the BA and Society of Antiquaries
The British Academy and the Society of Antiquaries of London have added their voices to the concern over jobs cuts in UK field archaeology:
Note the ignorent and narrow minded comment made by S.Booth, Derbyshire
Quote:quote:Originally posted by flashdigger

Note the ignorent and narrow minded comment made by S.Booth, Derbyshire

I dunno, they have a point of sorts. I don't think their comments is particularly narrow minded, and when I think of the general inefficiency and waste that have I seen in some archaeological organisations when they could have put some money aside for a rainy day it is potentially quite true. However, some organisations can't put money aside and with others it is swallowed up by the larger body to which they belong, so it is hardly their fault. Mis-management combined with blind panic in some cases perhaps.
Also - the professions that are cited by S.Booth are generally better paid, and generate higher profit margins per job. As red earth states, some companies can not (were not able to) put money aside for bad times.

but, and I should have added this to original post, once again brilliant that the issue is being aired on the general public domain!

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