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Attributes and Qualities
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Lolabun

See, my favourite site directors were those who would never asked you to do something they were never prepared to do something themselves.

(Thoughts of a very old digger....) Gosh, I remember the days when a director would never ask you to do something that they weren't [u]technically capable</u> of doing themself.......

[Image: 3216700919_bab3ee7520_t.jpg]

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I think, (having done it myself and worked for good and bad sups) it comes down to three basic things:

1, Having some respect for your staff. (heard one supervisor say, that they thought that anyone who isn't a sup after two years "had something lacking" nice!)

2, Being able to stand up for the archaeology as much as possible, but also knowing when to be flexible.

3, Knowing that you can't please all the people all the time, unfortunately.

Bikkies and/or doughnuts are just a given!
Have you noticed how comestibles crop up in all our answers? Interesting philosophical question, can we have respect and work for food in a modern world or is it that we've never belonged to the modern world at all and live in a reciprical tribal society?

PS, Don't directors/ supervisors have vastly different jobs, especially with regard to legal obligations?
.......dont know about legal obligations, but both titles are interchangeable and are oftenone and the same job....... depending on employer, and in some cases according to specifics in WSI/project design

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