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Human Remains- Retention or Reburial?
It is incorrect to believe that the Church of England only came into being following the 16th century reformation. Tne CoE claims its origins and continuity to St Augustine's mission to Kent in 597AD, so that pretty much accounts for all bodies 'on its property'.

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Indeed- why I said that they CAN prove a jurisdictional link. The apostolic succession issue is thornier, given the hasty conversions, political placements and martyrdoms in the mid C16. That, and they are in possession of the material remains of the ancestors in question...

Unlike the Roman Catholic church which can prove the apostolic succession (at least as well as anyone else can), but not the jurisdictional link...
My understanding is that the Church IN England became the Church OF England following the relevant Henrican legislation. The argument of continuity is based upon whether you accept the legislation divorcing the English church from Rome or whether you accept the martyrs and exiles as the continuity Church in England.

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