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Could this be the end?
Hi archgirl19. Where are you based? Derbyshire are advertising for an HER Assisstant in the latest IfA jobsheet.
Thanks for the concern and sentiments Gilraen, I do love our job and will do my damndest not to leave. Its obviously a highly unstable industry and i accept that risk but as you say it is a aknowledged and accepted thing for temporary field staff to be treated woefully.
Yet why?
Especially when you consider that development could be efectively slowed if there were no diggers present to dig. We are technically the fee earners for the company and a limited bunch we are (c.5000), that we are treated so lamentably should not even be a concern. However once agan here lies the issue (and this maybe a little close to the quick) of course if no circuit diggers do the work as a sort of temp. field stff wide strike its no problem as volunteers can jump in and do it, better yet they can pay, instead of being paid. Naturally this is not their fault, they have the same interest as the rest of us. The developer cares little about the quality of the work o it isn'ta problem. But it is. As there is so little accountability in archaeology. Without accountablity there are few standards. Without minimum standards, there are no checks and balances and in turn without those i worry that our industry cannot improve and become what it should be. A valid, respected and viable part of the construction industry.
Not sure that we should be a part of the construction industry it has to be said. A "valid, respected and viable" profession is more like it for me.

Conditions for field staff have arguably improved over the years but sadly there are still employers out there who see themselves as above the law. Similarly, there are still employers (and individuals) out there who see themselves as being immune from the requirements of minimum standards and professional guidelines. I agree wholeheartedly with you on the accountability issue. No question about it- voluntary standards in an industry disarmed by crap guidence policies in an environment of fierce competitive tendering- is a recipe for disaster.

"Could this be the end"?
I really don`t think so. More of a beginning I hope. Archaeology could emerge leaner and meaner if those steering the boat showed willing. An entirely new animal could evolve and I hope it does.Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Hi CuratorKid - yes I had seen it. I will apply but it is a bit of a way from where I am currently based. I'm in the South West you see.

It's a real bad impact on service as it will leave the authority with only one archaeologist to cover absolutely everything. Units who work in the area remember what it was life before there was a HER post and they are worried.

I appreciate what is being said about making archaeology leaner and more productive etc but is cutting to the bare bones and beyond really going to achieve better service?

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