Poll: Indiana Jones - his theoretical leanings...
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3 9.38%
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5 15.63%
4 12.50%
Culture Historical
15 46.88%
3 9.38%
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Indiana Jones - his theoretical leanings...
If Indiana Jones followed a theory of archaeological thought - what would it be?

Please feel free to discuss further as I am restricted to 6 options... Big Grin
This is what I call a difficult Poll-but in the end had to go for no.5,:face-huh:

I've just noticed the bad math- 100 split three ways should be 33.333 recurring, wheres the missing 1?
I think you would be a bit hard pressed to line Indy up with the Marxists. Just think of the radical recording system and excavation techniques involving whips.
Marxist. Def...

Obviously no-one else noticed the McCarthyist reference in film 4 where Indy loses his job through his perceived 'UnAmericanism'....

Also in the first and 4th movies aren't there 'homage' refrences to V.Gordon Childe?. As Childe and Jones would appear to be historical contemporaries I always believed they would share a philosophical background anyway...

[Image: 3216700919_bab3ee7520_t.jpg]

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
But how many people lost their jobs who wern't marxist? just because McCarthy labelled Indy as 'unAmerican' doesn't make him one:face-huh:
His dad's Scottish, so he's un-American.
Feminist, for two reasons;
1. Nobody else has voted for it.
2. He always seems to have a lovely lady assistant so therefore must value a feminist viewpoint in archaeology.
3. I wanted to see my new picture but it doesn't seem to have materialised!

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