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Rotring Rage
I've just about had enough of my bl**dy Rotrings. Halfway through a commission and the 0.18 blows up, try the spare 0.18, same happens a bit later. 0.25: dead. Only ones that always work are the 0.35 and 0.5, and what use are they!! Lost half a day stripping soaking and flushing the nibs and spirals, and still nothing but spluts and splatters. And as for my Staedtler technical pens...

'Why oh why' did Rotring discontinue the Rapidoliner disposable cartridge/nib set? Anyone know where you can get some, fast. I don't care about the cost anymore!!

Or anyone know a decent disposable technical pen, about 0.18-0.25mm that won't smudge on permatrace? I've tried loads and they all smear badly.
Blimey! I thought we were old fashioned only going over to Illustrator and AutoCAD about five years ago. One of the reasons was not being able to easily get hold of proper ink cartridges any more.

Once you've made the switch you'll never look back. For one thing you only have to draw each drawing once!

I guess you are doing reconstructions rather than technical drawings?
Artefact drawings actually, can't do them properly with Corel. Reconstructions I usually do on paper and the newer fibre tips don't smudge on that. I do use CAD and Corel/Adobe for site stuff

have been trawling web trying to find rapidoliner cartridges. Nothing. discontinued and all stock sold. But I did find out the Rapidograph dates from 1953...
ah.. the 0.18 bane of my life

Illustrator can be 'manipulated' to give you a stippling brush... bloody handy

the brushes are available.. Contact Headland Archaeology .. or have a look at this on the AAIS Facebook page

in fact... why not join them

?When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend.?
William Blake
Thanks for the tip on Illustrator, but I find it far quicker to draw by hand with tech pens, then touch up later in Corel/Illustrator, than scanning pencils and drawing over in Corel. I can't get the 'feel' of the object across using a mouse or tablet.

Quicker that is until they all go splat and I lose time and money....two days of stripping and soaking and I have one 0.25 in working order. For now. The 'agitating wires' are seized up in the nib 'sleeve' so I can't get the last bit of dried ink out. What's in the stuff Rotring used to sell to de-clog nibs?

AAIS? I'm a member of too many organisations, all wanting their necessary subs! If my illustration work continues to grow, whilst other sectors diminish, I may join.
Bit of a corel fan myself.. and (don't tell anyone) I have my drawing board and pens next to my computer.. I have some of the pen cleaner.. soaking in water just does not do it.. and hands up all those that remember to clean their pens after a job!.. Smile You can join the Facebook page, without having to be a member..
Rotring Cleaning Fluid 4.55
Pens galore..
thank Maggie and Past Horizons for this info.. we don't compete with them.. they do everything pretty well!

?When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend.?
William Blake

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