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Pick'n'mix / Pick'n'shovel
This thought is inspired by a thread on Britarch (I didn't mean to go there,honest, I stumbled across it while looking for porn}Smile)

Seriously, though...

With the sad demise of Woolworths, a Britarcher pointed out the plethora of Woolies related stuff scattered around the country at the moment. Given the fact that many of the shops still occupied nice art deco 1930s buildings, I wonder if there will be (in due course) a flurry of HBR work to record these as they are redeveloped. What a great opportunity to bring it all together nationally to look at the archaeology of a brand name.

I don't fancy the eval work though - there must be a decades-thick layer of decomposing cola bottles under all the floorboards.

I'm hoarding one of those card picnmix sweet cups, just in case it may be worth a bob or two in a few years time. Or alternatively I may just donate it to a museum.

The museum in Welshpool had a great display of contemporary artefacts (?1 notes, hedgehog flavoured crisps etc). Each time you visited they became more and more out of date, until eventually they had to set up a new case of contemporary artefacts next to it!

Seriously good point about those 1930's art deco frontages, though I doubt that those shops destined to become Iceland stores will suffer too much at the shop fitters hand, or it is to be hoped not.
For an update - Wollies is back - virtually back that is, though I doubt they will be doing picnmix online just yet!
Gog.. what sort of porn were you looking for... academic tweed porn??

However.. you are right about the interesting concept of archaeology of a brand.. redevelopment, change, expansion etc...

Count me in for the HBR side...

I placed an HBR request on a 1960s Bus Station... when questioned about why... it was so damn ugly! I replied that it was just that.. it was th last one left in South East Scotland.. and it would be better to record when in use as well... the passengers, staff and mechanics, the drivers and inspectors.. making sense of the space..

Going in and taking photos of people in Woolies though (apart from being too late) may have got my a bloody nose... "what you doing... are you from the social? (that happened to me on another assignment!)

?When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend.?
William Blake

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