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Heathrow expansion and other green shoots...
The Scott Wilson documents are (as of today, apparently) in the public domain, on the Department of Transport website.

Here is the portal page for the Historic Environment Appraisal. It gives access to a pdf of the report itself, together with a whole series of drawings. I haven't read it, but archaeology is certainly considered. Chapter 3 is "Historic Landscape" (6 pages), Chapter 4 is "Archaeological Remains" (20 pages) and Chapter 5 is "Built Heritage Environment" (15 pages). There is a drawing showing areas of archaeological potential amongst other things.

All of the other consultation reports are on this DoT page, including the Landscape Appraisal.

(nothing to do with Scott Wilson or Heathrow, just curious enough to search through government websites!)

Not a bad report in many respects- but......

The ought be of the order of 396 evaluation trenches dug which can only take place once the ecology is completed so I would have expected a mention of this is the following section of the report

"5.5.5 Programming issues/ planning/ development plan key stages
Given the nature and scale of the indicative development there are likely to be several key programming issues
that should be highlighted.
1. Early consultation with statutory bodies particularly over the Harmondsworth Barn, listed building
demolition, and demolition within conservation areas and setting of listed building and conservation areas
will be important.
2. Determine as soon as practicable what consents will be required and plan submission programme.
3. Ensure historic environment constraints are thoroughly integrated with any scheme design work to
optimise potential for design to mitigate any adverse effects.
4. Ensure negotiation for sites for relocation / storage of buildings (if required) is completed as soon as
reasonably practicable"


If the new runway scheme at Heathrow is to happen, it will be brought forward by BAA, not by DoT.

This means that any historic environment work would be undertaken by Framework Archaeology, who are BAA's sole contractor for such work.

The likely template would be the work backing up the current application for the new runway and terminal at Stansted, which is going to Inquiry in April of this year - documents can be found via the airport website, follow the links through 'Second Runway', 'Document Library', 'Planning Applications March 2008', Environmental Statement', 'Cultural Heritage Vol. 6).

I don't think that there is any problem with Framework doing the work. They seem well organised and able to look after their staff.

The important thing is that if they have the contract, they will take on staff for the project which hopefully would include a number of the archaeologists currently seeking work.
Given the potential for the Inquiry to last up to a year (or more) there is little likelihood of any substantial fieldwork at Stansted until the later part of 2010 at the earliest.

The Inquiry could be a lot quicker than a year given there are new procedures.

BAA will be calling 17 witnesses who will take an hour each to present the evidence in chief.

So far 1403 trenches have been excated at Stanstead!


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