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Adopt A Monument
A great and really worthwhile scheme in Scotland (see Past Horizons 6)what are BAJRites thoughts on having a similar scheme for England and Wales ?
Can I please adopt the Bank of England? (A Grade I listed building).
Hmmm. In the current climate, I'm not sure I'd want to adopt an institution that's just taken on hundreds of billions of pounds of bad debts run up by incompetant Fat Cats. Sad

No, but there might still be some gold in the cellar!
Helen from Adopt a monument is a star .. (hope you are blushing!) perhaps she might want to take more about it... I know she is busy...

and even better news... just spent the morning with Archaeology Scotland.. where they are providing a pilot study on providing archaeology as a part of the curriculum... and we would help with external activities such as building survey, landscape and excavation...

Archaeology Scotland are about to get a spanking new website next week... so no chortling at the current one... but here is a link to more about the adopt a monument scheme

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Paul Belford

No, but there might still be some gold in the cellar!

More than that!! My dad, who at some time during military service in the 1950s guarded the Bank of England for a while, (I guess this is pre Group 4 days), assures me that the Bank of England has a tank in its basement!!

(That is a tank with a big gun on the front to protect our gold reserves, as opposed to something to supply the hot water system...)

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