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Cheap Permatrace
masking tape? I just use bulldog clips, preferably on a clipboard with a decent sprung clip, like this one:
but A3.

After all that's one point of the permatrace being gridded, so you don't need a board with 'dimensionally unstable' gridded paper stuck to it badly with flaps of masking tape etc etc. Or do units still do this? I recently subbed for a unit that only had A1 gridded sheets, but their boards were all A3. Nightmare!!

Also permatrace with masking tape adhering to it won't get in the archive down here.
........yes lots of units don't use the gridded stuff as it is more expensive........... as for trying to get old tape off field drawings months if not years later.........well it's nigh impossible sometimes, are those drawings with bits of tape remaining and unacceptable to archive 'down there' traced or re drawn ??
At Past Horizons Shop you only get the best... stuff that I use in the field... stuff that I trust.

I do have a secret about using 'dimensionally unstable' gridded paper on a drawing board... Smile whith it also being waterproof.. but I am sure we all do...

SO GET ALONG TO PAST HORIZONS!!! If we don't have it... we can find it.... and not even ask for anything.

By supporting the tool store it actually means you are supporting the Free Magazine the Free Videos the Free Podcast and the Free Volunteer site..... and you get top quality tools... ps... big news on trowels coming up!!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Monty, ok, blimey, I haven't seen any of that for years, thought it went out with plane tables.
When we ran a research unit on a shoestring we used single sheets of '5m' gridded permatrace (liberated from a local unit) and fixed them to a white clipboard with clear adhesive plastic film. Its a bugger to do with no bubbles, but once done, you have a clipboard with grid, that you can bulldog-clip clear permatrace to. No need for masking tape. Of course you have to get some bulldog clips, and stop 'em disapearing...

No-one really uses masking tape round here so its not really a problem, blue biro is banned too...

David, so can you source hi viz string vests or not?
Do you really want ?? in that case... yes... how many?

and thats the ticket with the clear film... ( the bubbles... no matter how careful! don't even blink.. and a bubble appears!!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Don't know about cheap but we use a local stationers that sources un-gridded 120 metre rolls. Most planning and section drawing is done on A1 boards. For a grid we use rolls of graph paper cut into A1 sheets and professionally laminated - last for years. These are stuck to the boards with duck tape, which needs replacing about once a year. We use masking tape to fix the permatrace to the board, once the trace is ready to be archived we just trim off the excess with the sticky on.

As to the archivability of permatrace I was once shown a draw full of disintegrated permatrace from the mid 60s in the NMRS. Also when heat affected (e.g. by fire) it has a habit of turning into crisp popadom. If you want archivability then it is back to parchment in my opinion Wink.
Remember to check the micron value. at Past Horizons we sell th .75 micron. There is cheaper, but thats often because it is thinner.
There are loads of ideas here, thanks! :face-approve:

I'm certain we can come up with something that suits our needs now.

We were only going for gridded permatrace because we've had problems with mansking tape and with keeping water out before, but I think we'll give some of your suggestions a go.


Thunder rolled. ... It rolled a six.
you jsut can't beat Gaffer Tape!!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton

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