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Cheap Permatrace

I know this has prob been a topic before, but hopefully that means someone has a quick answer. :face-approve:

Anyone know where i can get hold of cheap gridded permatrace?
Has this topic been raised before? As recently as one week ago....Anyway my answer is the same

You could do worse than consider Polydraft Ltd located in east London

Or you could try BAJR....
Cheap is the key point here - I have a source, but it ain't cheap!
Quote:quote:Originally posted by kevin wooldridge

Has this topic been raised before? As recently as one week ago....

[:I] i thought it had been, but there was also a distinct possibility that i'd dreamt that.


Thunder rolled. ... It rolled a six.

all comes down to bulk... if you buy lots its cheaper...

thats why we buy a lot, and split it up... still... makes you use every last scrap.!

Maggie just gave me a row for using an A3 sheet!


"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Can you actually get the big rolls of blank stuff anywhere? I tried placing an order with someone (no names, but we've used them before) and haven't heard a peep, and I see that even Past Horizons has 'currently not in stock' against its entry. I assume the A3 pre-cut ones on Past Horizons aren't gridded from their description?



As folks have found, if you buy too cheap perma-trace it's rubbish when it rains!! if you use anything harder than a HB to draw with all you do is scratch the surface.
And as for finding masking tape that will hold it on the board when wetSad
...masking tape............Use decent quality stuff .......i.e. you get what you pay for.......
All this talk of film and tape.....didn't we recently have a discussion on the potential of the paperless site!! I suppose the archaeological recession could go either way....either a comeback for cheaper technology i.e pencils, draughting film and masking tape.... or more efficient technology i.e digital data capture, paperless technology.


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