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Any units out there looking for CVs...?
There has been some discussion elsewhere on BAJR forums about whether units who ask for CVs to be kept on record really keep them on record or not etc etc and I was thinking.....(and please feel free David to step in and stop this if you disagree cos' I realise it could end up costing BAJR advert monies)....

Anyway I was thinking, maybe there are units/employers out there who are unable to offer work at the moment, but would like to take this opportunity to be one step ahead of the game come the upturn and have CVs on file. Bearing in mind that there seem to be lots of very good archaeologists out there at a loose end at the moment. Maybe those employers who genuinely keep CVs on file would like to take the opportunity to remind unemployed archaeologists that for the cost of a postage stamp/e-mail you can register an interest in future work?

Maybe David something could be arranged where employers post adverts requesting CVs even if they don't have jobs to offer right now....(As I am in work right now, I'd be willing to make a donation to offset the cost of such a service, if the service were offered gratis...)

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
BAJR monies are already taking a serious hit.. Smile I used to have the CVs Online.. but people would just not update them... I guess the trouble with a free service.. if you pay.. perhaps you do update.

The BAJR Federation (yes it will happen!) could be a help there.

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Maybe archaeologists seeking employment could/would pay for an online CV service...?
If they would,.... then I might reserrect it.. (its blinkin complex) but it could be all part of the federation... and with Skills Passports as well...

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Sounds good Mr.Host...............and skills passports is an excellent idea and im right behind it ..............
Does anyone know if the 'Archpeople' recruiting agency is still running? Didn't they host a CV service?
Dont know if they are still going but they did advertise for site staff at below BAJR rates a couple of years ago.
I tried the web address and got nothing.

So maybe they too are victim to the recession.....
Quote:quote:g but they did advertise for site staff at below BAJR rates a couple of years ago.

They indeed tried to advertise on BAJR.. but I refused. I was concerned.. and saw they were a bit hollow. Saw her at the IfA Conference where she gave one of the most painful seminar talks ever.. I still have nightmares.

The trouble comes when you have a 'flashy website' and nothing to back it.. and talk yourself up..

nothing like me then Wink

I have been thinking about this... last night...
and the trouble for me is keeping the stuff up to date...

If Kevin would consider taking on this task.. I can create a section where he (and others??) could manage it. With a simple system 'just' for field staff.

Specilaists will ahve Specialist search.. this could just be for field staff. it will cost (as this seems to be the only way to ensure people update... ) however, it could include membership of Diggers Forum?? (thoughts) which would help them. It could also have a simple form.. to log sites and skills (an online CPD!)


"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
The CVs online service was a good service but it had it plus and minus points.

The minus points ....
1. You never knew if somebody was actually available. On a number of occassions I emailed several people who did not reply.
2. There were too many false claims on people CV
3. There was not enough detail
4. David didnot derive any income from the service
5. It was a recruitment method for companies who did not meet the BAJR criteria for advertising.

The plus points.
1. It is a quick cheap means of recruitment. The people I have recruited via have been very good.
2. It allows you to filter the CVs who do actually meet the spec.
3. You can trawl to see who is available.
4. It means you do not have to keep peoples CV on file.


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